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Base Kit for Shed – 6ft x 6ft

6ft x 6ft Base For A Shed, Greenhouse, Log Cabin or Summerhouse

Our plastic shed base panels are the perfect alternative to a traditional wood or concrete shed base. Manufactured from highly durable recycled plastic, these rot-free, weatherproof, strong and easy-to-install panels are easily interlocked without any additional fixings to create a base for any garden building with a foot print of up to 6ft x 6ft.

  • Dimensions: 1.98 x 1.98m (6.5ft x 6.5ft)
  • Depth: 40mm
  • Material: Recycled Plastic
  • Max load: Up to 420 tonnes
  • Kit contains: 1 box containing 20 X-Grid Panels, 2×1.35m membrane and 5x 3mm Steel u-Pins and 1 box containing 16 X-Grid Panels, 2×1.35m membrane and 5x 3mm Steel u-Pins
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What are your Shed Bases suitable foundations for?

Our plastic shed bases are incredibly versatile and can be a suitable base for almost all sheds, greenhouses, log cabins, summerhouses, wendy houses and more. Please contact us if you are unsure of compatibility.

What sub-base do I need under my shed base?

We recommend you prepare the ground below your base with approximately 100mm of a compact hard base (type 1 or type 3), a weed-suppressing membrane and sand to level.

What is the difference between compact hard base type 1 or type 3?

Compact hard base, type 1 is much finer and can occasionally dust while the compact hard base, type 3 is larger and more permeable.

Can I put the base straight onto grass or soil?

We recommend not installing directly onto grass or soil but instead, install onto a compact hard base as it creates a sturdy, even base. Soil or grass can and most likely will absorb water leading to sinking and creating an uneven sub-base for your shed base.

Can your Shed Bases be installed on to concrete slabs/pads?

Yes, they can be installed onto concrete slabs or pads as long as the existing ground is strong and level. The base will allow airflow under the shed and elevate it away from any potential surface water.

Should I use a damp membrane between my base and my shed?

No, we do not recommend this as although it will keep damp from rising to your shed, any dampness that leaves your shed will then sit on top of the membrane directly under your shed.

How much gravel or aggregate should I use to fill my base?

Approximately 8kg of gravel or aggregate is required to fill each panel, or 72kg per m².

What size gravel should I use?

We recommend using anything up to 20mm in size.

Does the shed base need to be filled with gravel?

Our shed bases are more than strong enough without a gravel fill, able to withstand up to 420 tonnes per sqm. The gravel can be used to compact and enforce even more whilst also being a decorative finish.

Does this product come with pins or membrane?

Yes, our shed base kits come with pins and a sheet of membrane.

Can shed base panels be cut to size?

Yes they can be cut and we recommend doing so with a fine tooth saw.

Do I need pegs or anchors to secure my base?

Pegs and anchors to secure you base are only necessary when installing on areas which have a gradient over 12%.

How do I know which side of the panel to put down?

The bottom of the base has ‘X-Grid’ written on it, indicating the face you put on the ground.

Can the base panels be stacked on top of each other?

No, they are not designed to be stacked.

Where can I find installation instructions?

Install guides can be found on the ‘downloads’ tab. In addition, more information on installations can be found through our blogs and YouTube videos.

Can I create a grass base with the use of your shed base?

Yes, grass can grow in the panels cells when correctly filled with soil and seed.

Do your plastic shed bases have a warranty?

Yes, our bases have a 10 year manufacturer warranty.

Can I be guaranteed the same colour all throughout my product?

Our products are new generation, manufactured entirely from post-consumer recycled plastic; this means you may occasionally find very slightly different shades of colour.

How much is delivery?

The cost for delivery can be seen when you add your product to basket and at checkout.

About Our Shed Bases

Our environmentally-friendly shed bases are manufactured in the UK from 100% recycled plastic. Owing to our unique formulation, our flexible but incredibly strong blend of recycled plastic makes every foundation both weather and UV resistant. Its resilience against the sun, heat and rain means that your shed base will not break down or rot over time which may be the case with more traditional foundations such as wood or concrete. With a specially designed cell structure, our bases have a very large load-bearing capacity and are fully permeable which means that rain and other liquids will drain naturally away from your garden building, reducing the chances of surface water being absorbed and possibly rotting your shed.

On top of the previously mentioned benefits, our base panels are incredibly simple to install thanks to their lightweight frame and slot and peg connection system that allows a full foundation to be laid in no time at all. You also have a choice on how to finish your shed base installation, you can either fill the panels with decorative gravel for a french drain system or use soil and seed to create a grass effect or just leave unfilled!

Will My Garden Building Be Compatible With Your Base?

Simply, yes. Our bases can be used as a solid foundation for almost any garden building regardless of its shape, size or purpose. They will support sheds, greenhouses, summerhouses, log cabins and so much more – as long as the base is the correct size! If you cannot find the correct base for your garden structure or have any questions regarding our base or other products then please do not hesitate to contact us, you can leave us a message or live chat to a member of our staff.

The shed base product is suitable for:

  • Sheds
  • Summerhouses
  • Greenhouses
  • Log Cabins
  • Playhouses

Our shed base is suitable for use under sheds, greenhouses, log cabins & summerhouses measuring up to 6x6ft. They are a perfect alternative to a concrete base

For more information on how to correctly install your own shed base, take a look at our Installation Guide which will help you through the process of laying your own garden building foundation.

Weight 19.440001 kg
Dimensions 1980 × 1980 × 40 mm

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simon frith
simon frith
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Not yet used but kit looks complete and good quality

2 weeks ago
Gill B.
Gill B.
Verified ownerVerified owner

Great for laying under pea shingle for paths and bases

4 months ago
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