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Browse our range of kits which include plastic grids, a sheet of membrane and u-Pins

We have a large range of kits currently available which are suitable for helping you create a strong and stable foundation for any wooden, plastic or metal shed. All of our kits include a specifically sized plastic base, a woven membrane sheet and a pack of u-pins used to secure the membrane. You can learn more about the kits we have available by reading on:

About Base Kits

Our range of kits are used to create solid, permeable and long-lasting bases for sheds and other garden buildings. With three necessary products included, you are able to create an effective foundation solution. The membrane and u-pins included are used to create a protective layer over the top of soil and beneath the base to prevent weeds and plants from growing up and through the base to reach the shed whilst still allowing and rain or water to drain away naturally. The plastic bases included are manufactured in the UK from 100% recycled plastic and have been designed to be durable, lightweight, strong, easy to install and weatherproof foundations.

The main product within the kit is, of course, our recycled plastic grids which have been specially designed and manufactured here in the UK. Our environmentally friendly bases were designed to have a large load-bearing capacity up to 420 tonnes per sqm when unfilled, whilst being a permeable surface and allowing rain and other water to drain away naturally. This is possible, due to the unique open cell structure of the base which also allows constant airflow at the bottom of your shed greatly reducing the chance of shed rotting occurring.

Being manufactured from recycled plastic means the base has developed benefits that other foundations do not have such as being both weather and UV resistant. Their resilience to heat, UV rays and rain means that your base will last for years to come and will not break down or rot away like other foundations may have done. On top of these benefits, you may also choose the finishing touch to your base which is how to fill the installed panels. You can choose from the following or do something completely different: leave unfilled and install your shed straight on to the base, fill with decorative gravels to create a french drain system or fill with soil and seed for a grassed area affect that can blend in with the surrounding area.

Whatever size base or fill you decide on, you can be assured that our bases will provide you with a strong, long-lasting and easy to install foundation for your shed or other garden building.

Why Should I Use A Base Kit?

People can be stuck in their ways, using only traditional methods to create bases for sheds and garden buildings. Without looking at alternative products like ours, they may not know the potential pitfalls of using these types of foundations can be avoided by using our kits. The most commonly used method is wet pour concrete which can be a labour intensive and potential expensive method, as well as requiring a great level of skill and care to create an effective, flat and solid base. There are a number of ways an installation like this could go wrong and cost you even more in time, money and effort to put the issues right.

A simpler method is the use of patio slabs which at first does create a good solid, flat surface but over time they can decay and crack usually due to freeze-thaw and colder weather meaning your shed can be at risk and a new foundation will need to be sourced.

There are other methods available too such as using steel or wood to create a foundation, but these too can succumb to the weather and elements leading to decay and leaving your shed on an uneven and unsafe base that can cause lasting, irreversible damage. Our plastic bases are specially designed and manufactured to avoid all the negative points we have just discussed and to ensure your sheds life is prolonged.