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Log Cabin

Log cabins from The Garden Range

With more and more people looking to maximise their spaces, both indoors and outdoors, many are starting to get the best of both worlds by constructing garden buildings such as log cabins and garden rooms. Giving you the feeling of having stepped out of your home and into a totally different space, these garden buildings are ideal for use as a home office. Handy for the self-employed or those wanting to give some physical separation between home and work life. Read our Complete Log Cabin Buyers Guide to learn more about purchasing, erecting, setting up and caring for a new cabin.

These cabins can also be used simply as storage or for enjoyment, with many being large enough to house sofas, coffee tables, chairs and other furniture. Some large pieces of garden equipment such as ride-on lawnmowers require wide access and naturally need more space than your typical shed for storage. Our range of timber garden buildings are designed and produced to the highest quality from superior Scandinavian timber and offer superb value for money.

Scandinavian Log Cabin for Sale

Slow Grown Scandinavian timber is widely regarded as one of the best to work with for garden cabins and other outdoor structures, due to its easy-to-work nature, durable heartwood and a great strength relative to its weight. This is why Scandinavian timber is used in our cabins and garden buildings.

Our log cabin range can be used for any number of purposes and feature double glazed windows and doors, helping to keep damp and condensation at bay, rather useful for the changeable climate we experience in the UK! This also helps to keep the temperature higher and heating costs lower which is certainly a help if you’re planning on using it as a log cabin office By using a wooden cabin as an office, you are introducing a physical divide between your home time and your work time and encouraging a healthy work/life balance, as well as keeping yourself focused and free of distraction.

Using a Log cabin as a Playhouse

Encouraging children to spend time outdoors is a brilliant idea. Not only will fresh air and sunshine do them the world of good, there’s also a whole world full of things to explore and see outside! Whether it be insects, birds or other natural wonders, nature is one of the best educators we have. By installing a wooden playhouse in your garden, you can encourage your children to spend much more time outside as it offers shelter on hot days and rainy days alike, you might even choose to picnic outside.

Child play and creativity isn’t the tidiest and not every home is fully capable of accommodating for the unruly, messy nature of play, particularly if the home is also being used as a home office. Rather than restricting or stifling the child’s play, you could consider providing a specific area for them to play in. By installing a timber cabin in your garden, you can give your child space and freedom to be creative and playful without the worry of having a massive cleanup operation every evening.

Log Cabin Summerhouse

Playhouses aren’t limited to children, however, when we become mature the name of the wooden garden building changes to a summerhouse. You can use one of our timber cabins as a summerhouse which can give you a delightful wooden garden room to enjoy your outdoor spaces and dining al fresco as our cabins give you an extra 130 square feet of useable floor space.