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A Range of Attractive Garden Buildings

Take a look at our range of garden buildings from sheds to storage boxes which are used to add character and style to your outdoor space, whilst providing many uses such as storage and plant-housing.

Garden Sheds

Browse our range of elegant and innovative garden sheds! These easy to assemble products have many benefits and include premium features such as integral windows and skylights for plenty of natural light and ventilation to help keep cool airflow. Our shed range is an ideal storage solution to any outdoor space and with a choice of style, you can pick a product that best suits your garden. Our product range is built from high-quality composite plastic which is peel and fade-free and, has a steel-reinforced frame for extra support. A heavy-duty floor is another great benefit for the storage of heavy equipment. Our shed range has a robust roof that can survive up to several hundred kilograms per square metre. This high-quality product can survive the elements and remain standing season after season! Visit our garden shed category to learn more.

Outdoor Storage

We have a fantastic range of outdoor and garden storage solutions to meet your wants and needs. From a wide range of sheds to storage boxes to bin stores, we are sure to have a suitable storage structure ideal for your garden or outdoor space. All with their own range of fantastic benefits such as being strong, weather-resistant or supplied with included locks, our outdoor storage solutions are sure to be the perfect choice for you. Visit our outdoor storage category to learn more.

Outdoor Storage Box

Needing a storage space but a shed is too big or what you’re needing to store doesn’t require a structure the size of a shed? Well, then an outdoor storage box is the perfect option for you. Strong, UV and weather resistant with a lockable lid, our garden storage boxes are the ideal location to keep your items safe and dry without taking up the space of a shed. Storage boxes are very easy to install and are also extremely stylish and practical, perfect for all gardens or outdoor spaces. Visit our outdoor storage box category to learn more.


A garage is a perfect place to store cars, and other vehicles, to make sure they are as safe as possible. Storing a car makes sure that they are safe from the elements as well as from theft and vandalism. Thanks to garden buildings being very secure you don’t have to worry about anyone breaking into your car as it would be locked in the secure inside of the garden building. Leaving your car in a car store as opposed to on the road or a drive would also protect it from physical damage. This could be other drivers clipping or scraping the car as they drive past, or it could come as a result of the elements. A strong wind could cause small debris to hit the vehicle possibly leading to scratches and dents. In heavy rain, storing a car or other vehicle could also prevent the vehicle from getting water damaged, maybe from leaks, which may happen if left outside.


Carports are perfect for parking cars, vans and other vehicles to ensure that they are protected from the elements. A carport ensures that your cars are protected from rain, wind, sun and snow all year round which ensures your car stays dryer and so is likely to last longer. Cars kept under shelter, are less likely to experience rust and leaks which may, in turn, save you money with fewer repairs on your car.


Gazebos give you an extra area of sheltered space in your garden or outdoor space, which on rainier days is ideal giving you extra protection from the rain, without keeping you trapped inside, meaning even on the wettest days you can sit outside and enjoy your garden with your family and friends. Garden canopies and Gazebos also give you some shade if it’s necessary on the hottest of summer days when you want to be outside but it’s just too hot in direct sunlight.


A lean-to can also be used for a wide variety of applications. They can be installed on the side of a house to cover vehicles, on the rear of a house in a garden to provide storage or shelter out onto the patio and garden area. This provides protection for your items or yourself from rain and the sun and to allow you to enjoy your garden all year round regardless of the weather.


Choosing a garden workshop gives you a robust and spacious garden building. When choosing one of our fantastic workshops, you will receive ample room to complete a whole host of DIY projects or store all of your garden machinery, tools, equipment and toys. The versatility and many of the benefits of our workshops make them a very popular choice amongst DIY enthusiasts.

Bike storage

A bike store is perfect for providing you with a safe and dry place to keep your bike. Bike stores ensure that your bike is not at risk of rust or rot or even theft which may be the case if it was left out in the open for extended periods of time. A bike store not only provides you with a safe storage place it also gives you a stunning garden accessory that will add to the aesthetics of your garden or outdoor space.

Bin stores

Wheelie bin storage is used to house and hide one or more of your bins. They are great at preventing your bins from being blown over or being invaded by pests which can lead to a mess and more work for you. They also improve the appearance of your garden or outdoor space by hiding unsightly bins whilst still ensuring easy access to throw rubbish away and move the bins into place for refuge collectors. The wooden, metal and plastic structured bin stores complement the aesthetics of your garden to ensure it is still attractive even with bins present! Learn more by visiting the bin stores category.

For more information on our range of garden buildings please do not hesitate to contact us and speak to a member of our knowledgeable and friendly team. You can call us or LiveChat during office hours or leave us a message outside of these times.