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Lean To

About Our Lean To Shelter Range

A lean to is a simple structure which is attached to the side of pre-existing buildings to provide additional storage or shelter for gardens and outdoor spaces.


A lean to shelter can be used for a wide variety of applications. They can be installed on the rear of a house in a garden to provide storage or shelter out onto the patio and garden area. This provides protection for your items or yourself from rain and wind and to allow you to enjoy your garden all year round regardless of the weather or keep your items safe and dry. They can also be installed on the side of the house, where it can be used to protect cars damage and rust, which is may see if left exposed in the elements for an extended period of time.


The main advantage of these unique shelters is that they provide a safe dry, sheltered space outside, which allows you to store your essential garden equipment and make the most of your garden or outdoor space. Each of our leaning structures are also maintenance-free, which means once they are installed you won’t have to worry about painting or touching up any areas of the garden building.

Due to being manufactured from plastic and metal, your leaning building not only requires very little maintenance but are also extremely hardy to the weather. Plastic and metal both are highly unlikely to leak, ensuring that the inside of the shed or area beneath the cover stays as dry as possible.

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