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Log Cabin – The Complete Buyers Guide

Log cabins are large timber structures which can be installed in any garden or outdoor space as long as there is room and a suitable foundation is in place. In this blog, we will answer as many of your questions as possible. If you do have any further questions please leave a comment and we will reply or add your question to the blog!

About Log Cabins

Log cabins are luxury garden buildings which can be used for a variety of applications from home gyms to a games room. Their unique design and sturdy construction provide you with a spacious and attractive structure which will be a mainstay in your garden for years to come.

Deepdale Log Cabin

Historically, log cabin like structures were used as homes but have since become popular as holiday homes, holiday site accommodation and garden buildings to add another room to your home. There are a number of reasons they are still in use today: 

The Benefits

Our log cabins carry a wide range of benefits to make them the perfect addition to your garden or outdoor space. Manufactured from high-quality Scandinavian timber and supplied with double-glazed windows and a 10-year manufacturer guarantee, our large garden buildings provide an attractive, spacious and long-lasting structure.

The large double-glazed windows provide your new space with ample natural light to allow use throughout the day without the need for lights to help reduce your electricity output. As with most timber structures, maintenance is important but our cabins are easy to maintain through the use of water-based, spirit-based, oil-based, pressure and solvent treatments. Correct maintenance paired with a suitable foundation ensures your log cabin will last for years to come.

The many benefits carried by our log cabins allow them to be used for a wide range of applications:

How Can A Log Cabin Be Used?

Log cabins are incredibly popular thanks to their versatility. With such a capacious garden structure you can utilise the space to create a range of different rooms including:

  • Additional Living Space
  • Home Office
  • Home Gym
  • Entertainment Space
  • Games Room

Whether you choose to make your log cabin into any of the mentioned applications or something else, you can rest assured that ours will perform to its highest capabilities. You will have gained a large space which allows plenty of natural light and looks fantastic in any garden or outdoor space.

Which Log Cabin Is Best For Me?

We currently have three fantastic log cabin variants all with their own unique range of benefits. Although similar in some aspects, they are all different in their appearance in terms of windows, doors and also their roofs. The dimensions of the cabins also vary slightly so are all different lengths and widths to ensure you can choose the correct structure for your needs.

Edinburgh Log Cabin – 4m x 3m

• Dimensions: L: 3000mm x W: 4000mm x H: 2500mm

• Wall Thickness: 44mm

• Material: Scandinavian Timber

• Double Glazed Windows

Deepdale Log Cabin – 4m x 3m

• Dimensions: L: 3000mm x W: 4000mm x H: 2535mm

• Wall Thickness: 45mm

• Material: Scandinavian Timber

• Double Glazed Windows

Glaisdale Log Cabin – 4m x 3m

Dimensions: L: 3000mm x W: 4000mm x H: 2535mm

Wall Thickness: 45mm

Material: Scandinavian Timber

Double Glazed Windows

How Long Will My Log Cabin Last?

The length of time your cabin lasts is dependent on a range of variables from its foundation to your level of maintenance to its positioning to the weather it experiences. However, to give you peace of mind, each of our log cabins are supplied with a 10-year manufacturer guarantee to show the quality of these fantastic large garden buildings.

Ensuring you care for and maintain your garden structure correctly every year will no doubt prolong the life of your garden structure.


Whilst our log cabins have been designed and manufactured with quality and longevity in mind. Maintenance is still an incredibly important part of owning a garden building. Without correctly caring for any timber or wooden structure you could find that its working life is cut short.

Here are some steps to follow to ensure your cabin will last for as long as possible:

  • Choose a suitable base which will support your new garden building whilst preventing surface water build-up and allow air to flow freely under your structure – these will in turn help to prevent potential rotting.
  • Treat your log cabin as soon as possible and reapply whenever required (this done by seeing if water is absorbed by the wood or runs down to the ground). There are a few options you can choose from including water-based treatment, solvent and spirit-based treatment, oil-based treatment and pressure treating. It is worth researching each to find one to suit you and your cabin.
  • The roof is very important, ensuring it is covered with a felt or other weatherproof material can help prolong your cabins life.
  • Ensure sufficient drainage systems are in place. Using a gutter to direct water away from your log cabin is a great idea.
  • Keep your cabin as warm as possible, which can be tricky during winter to keep it as dry as possible and prevent constant expansion and contraction.

What Base Should I Use?

There are a number of options available to create a foundation for your log cabin, concrete, paving slabs and wooden beams are traditional choices but we don’t recommend using any of those.

We manufacturer and supply an incredibly popular recycled plastic shed base which is able to withstand up to 420 tonnes per sqm so is more than strong enough to support your new large garden structure.  

Whilst being incredibly strong, our plastic bases are also lightweight, easy to install, SuDs compliant, UV and weather resistant. All of these benefits give you a quality base which doesn’t need time to set as concrete does, is resistant to rain and other weathers so won’t rot like wood and able to withstand the weight of your garden building so won’t crack or break like slabs occasionally do. Our bases also allow any surface water to drain away and air to flow under your cabin to help prevent rotting from occurring which can be the case with more traditional bases.

Can An Installer Erect My Log Cabin?

Yes, some builders or handymen contractors will install your log cabin for you. Our cabins are supplied with assembly instructions and the necessary screws, nails and other accessories needed to complete the garden structure. Basic tools such as a hammer and saw will be required for the installation.

It is recommended that you research any potential contractors you employ, this can be done through review sites or even word of mouth.

If you are based in England and have purchased one of our log cabins, but cannot source a contractor to erect your new structure, we may be able to put you in contact with someone. so please contact us.

Is Planning Permission Required?

In most cases, log cabins are classed as a “permitted development” meaning that it is unlikely you would need planning permission. However, it is always best to check before installing your cabin to be certain that you will not require any permission.

In most cases, the larger the cabin and how close to your property boundary the structure is, the more likely you will require some planning permission, so as mentioned previously, check beforehand to avoid a nasty surprise!

Can I Get Electricity In My Log Cabin?

Yes, you can get electricity in your log cabin to power lights, TVs, computers, machines and more. Although the decision to install electric is yours and could well nullify your guarantee as you will most likely need to drill through the cabin.

Ensure either you are or you employ, a qualified electrician to install the electrics within your new cabin to correct standards. Again, it is recommended to research any potential contractor or to use only known and trusted people.


With everything we have discussed in this blog, you should have enough information to make a decision on buying a log cabin, a base, having it installed and how to care for your new large garden building for years to come.

If you have some unanswered questions please leave us a comment below and we will reply or add your question to the blog to help others in future.

For more information on our fantastic range of log cabins and plastic bases, please do not hesitate to contact us and speak to a member of our friendly and knowledgeable team.

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  1. Your cabin walls can be as thick as 44mm, so what are your recommendations on insulation if one of these cabins is to be used year-round as a home office?

    1. Hi Tony,

      Thanks for your comment. It would be best to discuss this over the phone with a member of our team, please could you give us a call on 01246 589021.

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