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Designed & Made in Britain

Our plastic shed base is made entirely from recycled plastic which has been sourced and processed in the UK and remanufactured in Yorkshire to the highest possible standards.

With a uniquely strong and flexible, UV-stable formula, our shed base panels are not brittle and will not become inflexible over time through weathering.
We believe that UK manufacturing stands for quality and reliability, so we ensure that each individual panel is flawless through stringent quality control processes.
The end result of this careful manufacturing process is a grid which is unrivalled for its strength and durability.

428 Tonnes/m²

When it comes to a shed base, it’s obvious that strength matters.

Oh shed base grid panels are proven to withstand  428 tonnes per m² of compression before being filled with gravel and weighs just over 5kg per m².

Don’t accept imitations, get the original shed base grid.

Unlimited size

Designed to simply connect to the adjacent panels using a uniquely tight fitting slot and peg system, each panel connects to its neighbouring tiles through 12 integrally moulded nodes for stability and durability.

No matter the dimensions of your garden shed or building, we can supply a base to suit it.

Fully Permeable

With the panel design being 97% open, our shed base grid allows as much surface water to pass through as possible, helping to reduce puddling in and around the bottom of your shed.

This helps to reduce rising damp and the rotting of timbers and can help to prolong the life of your shed by years, when compared to a traditional concrete slab base.

428 Tonnes Load Capacity

We’re not the only manufacturer of shed bases and many of our competitors make claims on the strength of their product, some boldly stating their shed base can take up to 1000 tonnes!

These claims are often unproven and are almost always the strength once the grid has been filled with stone.

Our shed base grids have been independently tested and proven to withstand up to 428 tonnes per m² before being filled with stone.

Modular design, suitable for buildings of ANY size

With the unique slot & peg connection, it doesn’t matter if you need 10 or 10,000 panels of our interlock shed base. 

Whether a small 4×3 shed or a 20×24 log cabin, our panels can connect to create a continuous base of any width or length.

Choose from one of our off-the-shelf base kits which include everything you need to get going, or create your own using the shed base calculator below.

Plastic Shed Base
frequently asked questions

Our eco-friendly shed bases are incredibly versatile and can be a suitable base for almost all

  • sheds
  • greenhouses
  • log cabins
  • summerhouses
  • wendy houses
  • metal garages
  • bin stores and more

No matter the size, no matter whether it’s wooden, plastic or metal!

Please contact us if you are unsure of compatibility.

We recommend you prepare the ground below your base with approximately 75-100mm (3-4 inches) of levelled hardcore and a weed membrane. You can use a thin layer (10mm/0.5in) of sand to get your hardcore layer level easier and create a soft bed for the grid to sit on.

We recommend not installing directly onto grass or soil as there’s nothing to stop the grid from pushing down into soft ground but instead, install onto a compact hardcore base as it creates a sturdy, even foundation.

Soil or grass can and most likely will absorb water leading to sinking and creating an uneven sub-base for your shed.

Yes, they can be installed onto concrete slabs or pads as long as the existing base is strong and level. The plastic shed base grids will then allow airflow under the shed and elevate it away from any potential surface water, which helps to prolong the life of metal and wooden sheds, as well as safeguarding the belongings contained inside!

All our shed bases are heavy duty and are more than strong enough without a gravel fill, able to withstand up to 428 tonnes per sqm without any gravel in-fill. Most other shed base grids must be filled with gravel to create the strength.

With a shed base from The Garden Range, gravel can optionally be added across the whole base, just in the panels where bearers will sit, or just on the perimeter to provide a decorative finish.

Manufactured from high-quality, flexible recycled plastic and designed to be resistant to extreme high and low temperatures, as well as resistant to the effects of sunlight, our shed base panels will not become brittle after weathering.

We offer a 10-year manufacturer guarantee against the failure of the product and can proudly state we have never had a single plastic shed base panel fail to date.

Most of our shed base products are sold as a shed base kit, which include weed membrane, membrane pins and of course the required number of panels to create your base.

As a shed base is generally level, pinning or pegging the panels into the ground is not required.

Installation instructions are provided with the product and are also available to download from the product page. Look for the “Downloads” tab on the relevant shed base product page.

If you need specific instruction or have an unusual situation, you can contact us for advice.

Our shed base kits are usually sized appropriately to most common garden building sizes (e.g. 6×4, 8×6 etc.) and multiple shed base kits can be combined to create larger areas. Our bases are slightly oversized, meaning a 6×4 shed base kit is approximately 6’6″ x 4’4″ to prevent accidental undersizing of your base.

To help work out how many panels you might need, we have a Shed Base Calculator further down on this page.

Other Shed Base Products

Including edging profiles, anchor pegs and rubber tile inserts to help make your shed base complete

Garden Building & Shed Base Calculator

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This calculator is offered for guidance only and is given without warranty or assurance as to its accuracy. Estimations given here should be verified by a suitably qualified professional and we cannot be held responsible for any overage or underage resulting from its use.