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Gardening Jobs For June - Featured Image

Gardening Jobs For June

Summer officially arrives on 21st of June, which is actually the longest day of the year. All of the extra light and warmth that comes with summer gives you plenty of opportunities to have your garden looking amazing. The heat and light will create a boom of growth within your garden, flowers are beginning to […]

Black RecoEdge Garden Edge Installation - Featured Image
Lawn & Border Edging

Black RecoEdge Garden Edging Installation

Installing an edging system may be one of the last things that people think of when it comes to taking on garden makeovers and improvements, however, the right division created between landscaped areas can add the perfect finishing touches to an area whilst helping to remove annoying occurrences such as material migration and crumbly edges. […]

Grass Protection Mesh & Plastic Edging Used On Back Garden - Featured Image

Grass Protection Mesh & Plastic Edging Used On Garden


Brown Plastic Lumber Used As Lawn Edging

Geo-Border Edging - Featured Image

Geo-Border Edging Used Within The Front Garden