20th July 2024
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A curved edge can be difficult to achieve without the correct planning, preparation work and the right products! In this case study we look at a curved garden edging path created by Fiona using our RecoEdge flexible edging system which was part of her wonderful garden transformation project. 

The Project

As part of her full garden transformation project, Fiona wanted to create curved gravel garden pathways on either side of her growing spaces that lead to the back of her garden where her shed and planters are positioned.

But instead of simply having the gravel and soil mingling, she wanted a solution that would create attractive, durable and crisp separations between the two spaces whilst preventing any material migration.

With this being the aim of the project, Fiona soon came across our RecoEdge and RecoStakes. Upon discovering their many benefits which would achieve everything mentioned previously, Fiona ordered Grey RecoEdge rolls and enough stakes to correctly secure her new edge.

The Installation

To produce her garden pathways, Fiona followed our recommended installation method of RecoEdge which is a simple process.

Fiona marked out her path before digging a small trench along the marked-out lines where the RecoEdge was to be installed. Our flexible garden edging could then be pushed into the curved trench before being secured using the RecoStakes which are pushed in behind the edging at roughly 1m lengths and screwed to the edging with a chipboard screw.

This process was repeated until the entire path had been fully edged and secured then the surrounding areas could be landscaped. Fiona created gravel paths using a delightful light gravel that perfectly complemented the grey curved edging and soon began filling her growing spaces with beautiful plants and flowers to add the finishing touches to her outside space.


Fiona is delighted with the outcome of her garden edging project! The grey RecoEdge she chose has produced the results she was aiming for and now has attractive, strong, migration-free and durable curved paths that add to the overall aesthetic of her wonderful garden.

“RecoEdge is incredibly easy to use to create any shape pathway. We bought RecoStakes that were a little too long but my husband was able to just easily cut them down. The stakes are really strong and went into the ground really easily despite all the stones that would otherwise prevent different pegs from being installed.”

We would like to say thank you to Fiona for choosing our RecoEdge and RecoStakes for her curved garden edging project and for sharing the wonderful photos of her installation to create this case study.

If you have photos of your The Garden Range project to share with us or have questions regarding any of our products then please do not hesitate to contact us.