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Membrane Sheet 2m x 1.35m

A versatile, tear-resistant & heavy-duty woven geotextile membrane

Our cut to size and easy to install woven membrane sheet measuring 2 metres long by 1.35 metres wide is the perfect product for use in smaller landscaping projects where a weed preventing and permeable layer is required such as under shed base, hot tub base, gravel driveway or a patio.

  • Sheet Size: 2m x 1.35m
  • Material: Woven Polyproplylene
  • Membrane weight: 80g/sqm
  • Colour: Black
  • Suitable for use with: 24 X-Grid panels
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What are membranes used for?

Membranes are used as part of a sub-base build up to create a permeable layer where water and nutrients can reach the ground below whilst preventing weeds from pentrating the surface.

Do I need pins to secure my membrane?

Yes, use pins to secure and hold your membrane sheet in place.

Does membrane come with pins?

No, this membrane doesn’t come with pins. They would need to be purchased separately.

What size should the membrane be compared to my shed base or X-Grid area?

The membrane should fit/be the same size as the base or X-Grid area.

How much is delivery?

The cost for delivery can be seen when you add your product to basket and at checkout.

About Our Membrane Sheet

All of our membranes are easy to install and easy to cut to size permeable and weed preventing layers that are installed under gravel driveways, car parks, patios, gardens and even garden building bases. Available in a number of sizes, 1m x 50m, 1m x 100m, 1.5m x 100m, 2.1m x 1.5m and 2m x 1.35m we have a membrane to fit your projects needs perfectly whether it be a small base or a large car park that needs a membrane. A membrane is installed to prevent weeds from growing up and through the ground to disrupt your landscaped area whilst still allowing water, air and nutrients through to the soil and plant roots below.

Why Should I Use Membrane In My Project?

Although they may only be a small part of a project, membranes can be a vital addition to an installation. Providing you with a dual purpose product that will stop weeds and help prevent surface water build-up. Below is more information on just a few benefits of our membrane rolls.

Weed Prevention

There are two types of weeds that may appear in your project, annual and perennial weeds. Annual weeds are plants such as hairy bittercress and chickweed which have just a one-year lifecycle which ends with them leaving seeds for the following year. Perennial weeds are plants like dandelions which can last for years and years unless you remove them yourself, you may have to remove the main root or use a weedkiller on these. Our membrane prevents these from growing up and reaching the products or materials you have installed above, for example on a gravel driveway the membrane would prevent the weeds from reaching X-Grid and the gravel it is filled with. This prevention stops your landscaped area from being disrupted or damaged by weeds that have grown.

Easy To Install

Used in conjunction with u-pins, membrane rolls are easy to install. Simply roll out your sheet in place (you can cut to shape with a pair of tough scissors if required) before pinning in place using u-pins at intervals of approximately 1 metre. Then you can continue your project on top of the now installed and secured membrane sheet.

If you require more information on our range of membranes or would like some advice on whether or not membrane would be suitable for your project, please do not hesitate to get in touch today. Leave us a message or live chat to a member of our staff now.

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