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Everything You Could Have Ever Wanted From A Shed Base

Everything You Could Have Ever Wanted from A Perfect Shed Base

• Interconnecting Panels 330x330x40mm:
• Panel weight 0.57 Kgs
• Weather & UV Resistant
• Made from 100% Recycled Plastic
• Made in the UK
• Strong, Durable, Quick & Easy to Install

Summers here and the time is right … It’s the right time to start your Plastic Shed Base project.

Shed bases made from plastic are the best way to go when you are building your prefect shed. The reason the plastic shed base is the best choice is because it is made from 100% recycled plastic.

By using recycled plastic materials, you are helping to save the planet one plastic shed base at a time. Making the base panels out of recycled materials keeps the plastic waste from being tossed into the already overflowing landfills. Did you know it can take up to 450 years for plastic to decompose in landfills?

Strong, Durable & Lightweight Panels

Each one of the plastic panels can withstand up to 420 tonnes under compression. So you can store even the heaviest of lawn mowing equipment without making a dent in the ground below. The plastic shed bases are lightweight but tough enough to keep your treasures, lawn care equipment or whatever you store safe and sound.

Another feature of plastic shed base panels is that they are UV and weather resilient. The panels can hold up to the warm summer days with the hot sun beating down or the cold winter days with the snow and sleet pounding against the panels. The plastic shed base panels are strong, sturdy and because they are plastic, they will outlast any of the competitors shed bases.  It is also true that a plastic shed base will save you money in regards to replacing and repairing the panels.

Shed bases made from concrete slabs can be difficult because the concrete has to be mixed just right, it has to set and it has to be the perfect weather conditions or the concrete will have problems. This is time-consuming and costly especially once you add in maintenance and repairs. Metal or wooden shed bases will rust and deteriorate over time and in the elements. This too will cost you dearly with repairs and upkeep. The plastic shed base panels won’t break down or decay in the elements, saving you a ton of money on repairs and upkeep.

The shed base plastic panels can be bought in a kit or as individual panels. The kit includes plastic shed base panels, ground cover membrane and fixing pegs. Not to mention it also comes with a full set of easy to read instructions to help the installation move along with ease. The individual panels can be used alongside the kit to make the perfect shed base possible for your requirements.

The dimensions for the plastic panels are 330 x 330 x 40 mm. If for any reason the panels don’t fit your space just right, you can use a fine-tooth saw to trim the panels. You will get the perfect fit for your perfect shed.

The shed bases plastic panels, with the interlocking system, are easy to install. To install the shed bases plastic panels simply place them on level ground and snap the panels into place. Overlap the edge of one of the panels above the edge of another panel and they should snap together with ease.

The plastic shed base panels are an awesome addition to your shed project. You will save time, money and help save the planet. What more could you ask for in a shed base?

Shed Base Laid

Read these guides and discover how easy it is to lay your shed base

A detailed article on why you should use a plastic shed base or download the Shed Base Installation Guide.  Our Guide on how to Build a Plastic Shed base explains how easy they are to assemble in more detail.

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