Strong, durable, permeable, 100% recycled, easy to install, UV and weather resistant individual X-Grid panels

Our X-Grid is an amazing ground reinforcement grid which is used in a multitude of ways as an effective paving solution. With benefits such as: being strong (able to hold up to 420 tonnes per sqm), rot-free, environmentally friendly, weatherproof and fully permeable. The intelligent design of our plastic gravel driveway grid gives it a huge load bearing capacity, permeability and is easy to handle and install.

  • Panel Size: 330mm x 330mm
  • Depth: 40mm
  • Colour: Black
  • Weight: 0.57kg
  • Load Capacity: 420 Tonnes
  • Made From: Recycled Plastic
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About X-Grid

Manufactured from 100% recycled plastic right here in the UK, X-Grid gravel grid is our most popular product with over 7 million units sold worldwide. Most commonly used to create DIY gravel driveways, car parks, access routes and more, its versatility is what makes it such a sought after ground reinforcement grid. Thanks to its unique formulation of plastic and intelligent design, each panel we supply is UV & weatherproof so will not break down or rot away and is fully permeable SuDs compliant meaning any rain can naturally drain away reducing the amount of surface water and the chances of flooding. The specially designed curved cell structure is also one of the main reasons for our gravel grids fantastic load bearing capacity of 420 tonnes.

Whilst being effective, our gravel driveway grids are also easy to install thanks to its lightweight frame and slot and peg connection system, one person is actually able to install 100m² every hour which is an extraordinary rate. Not only is X-Grid an efficient solution for so many situations, it is actually one of the best, most affordable and environmentally friendly ground reinforcement grids on the market. For more technical information or to see how to install our gravel grid, read the Installation Guide, or you can look at the ‘Installation’ tab above which will guide you through the process of installing your own gravel retention grid.

Additional information

Weight 0.57 kg
Dimensions 330 × 330 × 40 mm


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Suitable for

Pedestrians/Animals, Light Foot Traffic, Light Vehicles, Medium Foot Traffic, Medium/Heavy Vehicles, Heavy Foot Traffic

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X-Grid Installation Guide

We have two installation guides for our X-Grid, one is for a gravel filled X-Grid and the other is for a grass filled X-Grid. Click a jump to button below to read the relevant install guide.

X-Grid Gravel Installation Guide

  1. Cut the grass as close to the surface as you can or where necessary remove the turf and topsoil to a depth of around 75mm and dispose of all debris. Then level the formation layer and lightly consolidate.
  2. Optional: Install edge restraint around the now trimmed or excavated area.
  3. Lay and secure either a sheet of stabilisation mesh or a geotextile membrane on to the formation layer just created. You must ensure that the mesh or membrane is flat to the surface by securing it into the ground using fixing pegs or pins as required. An optional step is to lay a geotextile membrane layer under the stabilisation mesh to create a layer that can prevent both migration and contamination.
  4. With the mesh or membrane in place, then lay a 5-10mm thick layer of sharp sand or hardcore to the entire area to level it out and create a solid sub-base. If you have used a stabilisation mesh, this must not be allowed to become exposed above the gravel/aggregate layer.
  5. On to the sub-base created, begin laying your X-Grid ground reinforcement grids. Start in one corner, lay one panel at a time and simply connect any neighbouring X-Grid panels using the slot and peg snap connection. Repeat the process of lay and connect until the full area is covered.
  6. If needed, X-Grid can be cut using a hand or power saw to fit into your specified area or to navigate around obstructions and curves. We recommend avoiding the use of cut pieces of X-Grid which are more than half of the original size of the panel. Your X-Grid panels can then be firmed in place using a light vibrating whacker plate if you require.
  7. Once installed, fill your X-Grid with a gravel or aggregate. Preferably a 5-20mm diameter, well graded, clean and angular material. Fully rounded ‘pea gravel’ is not recommended due to movement.
  8. You can compact the surface of your X-Grid using a light vibratory whacker if required.
  9. If you find you have any low areas, refill these spots with your gravel and compact again until you are happy with the finish.
  10. Your X-Grid gravel surface is complete and can used immediately.

X-Grid Grass Installation Guide

  1. Follow steps 1 to 3 of the x-grid gravel installation. Pleas note: It is not neccesary to install a geotextile membrane for a grass fill which included in Step 3 of the gravel guide.
  2. With the first 3 steps followed, lay a 35mm thick layer of compacted RootZone (sandy soil) evenly over the stabilisation mesh. Do note, the mesh must not be allowed to become exposed above the grass layer.
  3. On to the sandy soil sub-base created, start laying your X-Grid ground reinforcement grids. Start in one corner, lay one panel at a time and connect any neighbouring X-Grid panels using the simple slot and peg connection system. Repeat this process of laying and connecting until the full area has been covered.
  4. With all of the X-Grid laid, begin filling all of the panels with Rootzone. If required, use a light vibrating plate to compact the pavers and settle the Rootzone infill.
  5. You need to ensure that the Rootzone used is a structurally sound, free-draining sand and soil or sand and compost blend. This is a nominal propriety blend of 60:40 or 70:30 ratio. We do not recommend self blending.
  6. You can then begin carrying out a normal seeding, fertilising and watering process. You are able to apply a very light top dressing just cover the seed and to create an adequate germination condition. Ensure you do not X-Grids cells. Alternatively, you can roll out a thin-cut turf on top of the X-Grid if required.
  7. Your installed X-Grid can be used immediately, although it is preferable that you allow the grass to fully establish itself before you begin trafficking.