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Steel pins for fixing mesh, grids, artificial grass and other home, garden and leisure products

We hold a stock of a range of steel pins for fixing any number of different ground protection or grass reinforcement products such as GrassMesh, TurfMesh, artificial grass and more. They’re even used for fixing netting on football goalposts! With a number of different types available, which ones you choose depend on what you’re using them for. Click the “Read More” button below to see further details on the types and suitability, or if you’re purchasing a grass protection or ground reinforcement product, you can filter these products by their suitability using the filters on this page.

Steel uPins – 3mm Diameter

Carefully manufactured from galvanised steel wire, bent into a rounded U-shape, the 3mm diameter uPins are perfect for fixing lightweight items to the ground, such as our GrassMesh range. Otherwise used for fixing netting or membranes to the ground, these pins are a great alternative to plastic pegs, which can be obtrusive to the look of a lawn or garden and can become brittle and break during and after spells of cold weather.

Steel uPins – Green Powder Coated

Most often used for fixing artificial grass due to them being powder coated with a soft plastic-feel coating, the green powder coated uPins can also be used for fixing meshes in a more discreet way on grassed surfaces. With sharp pointed prongs designed to penetrate through artificial grass and measuring 170mm, these powder coated, mild-steel pins can be hammered in so as not to be seen or create a trip hazard.

Steel uPins – 6mm Diameter

Our heavy duty 6mm diameter steel uPins are perfect for fitting heavy duty grass reinforcement mesh (TurfMesh), gravel grids (X-Grid) and will penetrate heavy clay, hardcore and other rocky ground. Made from a galvanised steel and ribbed to help prevent accidental removal or pulling up of the pins, once hammered into the ground, these durable pins will stay in place for years to come.

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