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Our j-pins are available in two pack sizes and are compatible with a whole host of products from our range of meshes to membranes

J-pins are made from ribbed galvanised steel, have a 6mm diameter and are 285mm long. They are the ideal fixing product for use on uneven and hard ground where u-pins and other fixing products can struggle to complete the installation correctly. Used mainly with grass protection mesh and grass reinforcement mesh, they are ideal for installing on harder ground whilst still providing a solid anchor.

What products can j-pins be used with?

J-pins are an effective and efficient alternative to u-pins and can be a vital part of some projects, below are just a few examples of how j-pins are used with some of our other products:

Grass Protection Mesh & Grass Reinforcement Mesh

It is recommended that rubber grass mats are secured into place as they can move when experiencing heavy traffic. If the normal black fixing pegs are not working due to uneven ground then j-pins are a suitable alternative thanks to their unique design. We advise using 5 pins per grass mat, install one pin in each corner of the mat and then one in the middle to keep it as secure as possible.


Membranes are commonly fixed using metal u-pins but these are not always the best solution especially on projects where the ground is uneven or too hard to full push down a u-pin. As the j-pin has one long side and one short side it is far easier to secure these into uneven ground that could cause u-pins to stick out. To install simply push the pin down with your hand or mallet them into place. Pins are great for ensuring your membrane sheet does not move before the installation is finished or if it is walked on or blown by the wind.

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