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A range of accessories including membranes, edging fixings, plastic anchor pegs and much more

Our range of accessories are used in conjunction with our main landscaping, gardening and construction products. They are used to fix or secure in place products, connect together products or as part of the installation. Accessories are vital part of most projects as without a secure fixing or anchor your mesh, edging or membrane could easily be moved or knocked out of place, by using them your products will be secure and held in place. You can learn more about our range of edgings by reading on.

Learn More About Our Range Of Accessories

Our range of accessories provide you with small but vital parts of a project from a strong and permeable membrane to a strong fixing for your mesh and edging. Below are just a few examples of the accessories we stock and how they are used:


Membranes are used in a number of projects to create long lasting barriers between the ground below and your chosen covering above whether it be a ground reinforcement grid, artificial grass or just gravel. Our strong, permeable, tear resistant, easy to install and fully weather resistant sheets are the ideal product for stopping weeds from growing up and through to the surface whilst still allowing surface water to drain

Pins & Pegs

Our range of pins and pegs vary from heavy duty galvanised steel u-pins used with grass reinforcement mesh to anti-pull ground anchors used with x-grid to plastic connecting pins used to connect rubber tiles together. The main used for these pins is to secure products in place by either connecting products together or pinning them into the ground and ensure movement is kept to an absolute minimum.

Anchor Pegs

Anchor pegs are used with either X-Grid or grass reinforcement mesh, they are a popular choice with these two products as they are anti-pull and will not come loose or be moved if driven on or experience heavy foot traffic. Both are easy to install too using your hands or a mallet if the ground is hard, they will provide you with a strong and durable fixing for heavy use.

Edging Fixings

We have a number of edging fixings for use alongside our range of edgings. Our EcoPics are used primarily with EcoLat and are installed by pushing against the edging before being screwed to the edging to a very secure finish. Our plastic nails are used with GeoBorder as they fit perfectly into the fixing slot in the support of the edging to ensure it does not move. Both fixings can be used with other products but these are their primary purpose.

Browse our range of product accessories and if you have any questions about the accessories we stock or require assistance in deciding if they would be suitable for your upcoming project then please do not hesitate to contact us, you can leave us a message or live chat to a member of our team.