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About Our Garden Accessories

With your garden furniture on its way or already in place and the rest of your garden looking fantastic, it’s time to start thinking about those little additions to make using your furniture and being in that outdoor space just that little more attractive, comfortable and enjoyable. Adding those finishing touches can really bring your garden together and make previous additions such as sofas or tables really stand out. In our fantastic range, you will find a variety of products to meet a whole host of your wants and needs from small table accessories to extra cushions to serving trays for holding food and drink steady. Although these may seem like small purchases, the difference made can be monumental.

Caring for and correctly adding to your garden can make it feel like your garden is an extension of your home. The right lounge sets, table and chairs or sunlounger can create an additional living space outside for you, your family and your friends to benefit from. Everyone wants a garden to be proud of and small accessories will add those little finishing touches to create a complete garden with everything you could need or even think of. Once you have everything in place, its time to start enjoying your garden, have a barbeque, a picnic, a party or just relaxing with family or friends showing off your beautiful garden complete with extra cushions, parasols, pergolas, candles, trays and more. Browse our range or read on to learn more about our current range of garden accessories.

Garden Furniture Cushions

How to make a comfortable piece of garden furniture even comfier? Cushions of course! We stock a fantastic range of luxury cushions to provide you with that extra support, and being available in a range of sizes and colours we’re sure to have a cushion or two to really compliment the appearance of your garden furniture. You could also use these extra cushions to brighten up an old garden bench or sofa or chairs to brighten up your existing furniture.

Garden Lighting

Lighting is a very important part of your garden, especially as the night draws in and the sun slowly disappears. Without extra lighting, your night can be cut short which no one wants. From small candle holders to larger lanterns, adding that extra light can make all the difference. Candles are the perfect addition to dining tables and coffee tables to add some ambience to the area whilst providing the extra light. It helps when you have an attractive holder too which will add to the overall appearance of your garden furniture.

Serving Trays

Most people wouldn’t expect to see serving trays within garden accessories but they can be a really valuable asset to most gardens or outdoor spaces. Think how many times you have had to make multiple trips from your kitchen or home to the garden bringing out drinks or food. And lets not forgetting people spilling or dropping too, with the use of a serving tray there is no need to make multiple trips and you will have a sturdy surface on which to stand everything to help prevent splits and dropping.

Garden Furniture Covers

An important part of maintaining the integrity of your garden furniture is keeping it covered when not in use, especially through the winter months when that extra wind, rain and cold could really take its toll. A simple plastic sheet which can be purchased to fit your furniture perfectly will take the brunt of any harsh weather to protect your sofa or table and chairs.

If you require more information on our range of garden accessories, please do not hesitate to contact us and speak with a member of our knowledgeable and friendly team. You can either call us or LiveChat during office hours or leave us a message outside of these times.