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We have a number of u-pins available for purchase all of which are compatible with products such as mesh, membrane, artificial grass, rubber grass mats and more

All of our u-pins are made from galvanised steel or steel wire and can be installed by simply pushing them into the ground if it is soft enough or malleting them in place should the ground be too hard. U-pins are one of the most cost effective fixing methods on the market as they are compatible with so many products whilst being strong, long lasting and weather resilient. Varying in length, thickness and shape, each pin has its own qualities that make it the most appropriate for certain applications.

What different types of u-pins are there?

Our range of u-pins are effective and efficient fixing solutions for so many different products. Below is more information on the three types of u-pins that we currently stock:

3mm Diameter 150mm Long U-Pins

Available in packs of 5, 20 and 100, our 3mm diameter u-pins are our most popular u-pins. They are one of the most cost effective fixing solutions for grass protection meshes, weed membranes and landscaping membranes. Its U shape allows it to fasten together two rolls of mesh or two sheets of membrane as both sides are pinned securely. Weighing just 12g per pin, they are lightweight yet durable fixing solutions for a number of projects.

Heavy Duty 6mm Diameter 180mm Long U-Pins

Our long, more substantial, heavy duty, ribbed square pins are the ideal fixings when installing products on to hardcore, heavy clay and other rocky ground. Its robustness makes it the perfect pin for use with products such as grass reinforcement mesh and ground reinforcement grids which have to withstand regular vehicular traffic so the pin needs to be able to do the same.

Green 3mm Diameter 170mm Long U-Pins

Made from mild steel wire, each u-pin is powder coated in a green anti-corrosion paint to create a long lasting fixing which is ideal for use with artificial grass as the colour helps it blend in with the turf.