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Hot Tub Base

Interlocking plastic panels for hot tubs, jacuzzis and swim spas

100% Recycled

UK-made from 100% recycled plastic


Takes loads up to 428 tonnes per m²

Fast Installation

Install & use immediately


Resistant to the effects of weather


Compatible with practially all tubs & spas


Does not require any special tools or knowledge

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Interlocking plastic panels which can be used to make a solid base in minutes

Made from specially formulated recycled plastic which is both strong and lightweight

Sourced, designed and manufactured in the United Kingdom

How does it work?

The innovative design of our base panels ensures that you get the strongest base possible from a plastic product which can be filled with gravel to help prevent issues commonly found with a concrete equivalent.

As concrete pads are practically impermeable, this means that water can puddle below your hot tub. This water can, over time and with weathering, erode and start to break up or crack. The replacement of this concrete pad is then a significant task, as the spa will need to be fully drained and moved before the pad can be relaid.

As our base panels (either filled or unfilled) are an open structure and laid on a solid but free-draining base, water is allowed to soak through the upper surface and into the ground below. This reduces any standing water underneath and around your spa area and practically eliminates puddling or the risk of degradation to your base.

The special formulation of our recycled plastic means that it is resistant to the effects of weather such as frost or damage from the UV rays of the sun and properly installed, should last a lifetime. It is also unaffected by many chemicals, which is of great importance around hot tubs, as chemicals such as chlorine are often added to keep the spa clean.