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GP40 Gravel Driveway Grid

A strong, permeable and weather resistant recycled plastic gravel grid

GP40 is a fantastic gravel grid which can be used in a variety of ways as an effective paving and surfacing solution. It carries a range of benefits such as: being strong (able to hold up to 250 tonnes per sqm), fully permeable, easy to install, rot-free and weatherproof. The unique design of the GP40 gravel driveway grid gives it a great load-bearing capacity and good permeability all whilst being easy to handle and install.

  • Dimensions: 1000mm x 1000mm
  • Depth: 40mm
  • Configuration: 4 Panels 500x500mm
  • Weight: 5.40kg
  • Colour: Black
  • Max load: 250 Tonnes
  • Made from: Recycled Plastic
  • Max Gradient: 0.09
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Product Code GP40B-004
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What is GP40 suitable for?

GP40 panels can hold up to 250 tonnes per square meter. They are suitable for driveways, pathways, car parks, equestrian areas, golf courses and more. Please contact us on live chat if you are unsure.

How many GP40 panels make up 1m²?

GP40 panels are 50cm x 50cm. So 4 panels are connected together to make 1m² (nominal).

Will GP40 be strong enough to support my car?

GP40 can hold up to 250 tonnes per square meter unfilled so is able to support vehicles.

Does GP40 help with flooding?

GP40 is a permeable product which means it allows water to drain naturally away into the ground below when installed correctly. This in turn helps to reduce surface water build-up and the chances of localised flooding.

Does this product come with pins or membrane?

No, this particular product does not come with either pins or membrane.

Which membrane should I use?

We recommend using a woven membrane with GP40

Can I cut GP40 panels?

Yes they can be cut and we recommend doing so with a fine tooth saw.

Do I need pegs to secure GP40?

Only areas which have a gradient over 9% will require pegs.

Can GP40 be stacked on top of each other?

No, it was not designed for to be stacked when installed.

Can I be guaranteed the same colour all throughout my product?

Our products are manufactured entirely from post-consumer recycled plastic; this means you may occasionally find very slightly different shades of colour.

Where can I find installation instructions?

Install guides can be found on the downloads tab. In addition, more information on installations can be found through our blogs and YouTube videos.

What sub-base do I need under GP40?

We recommend you prepare the ground below your GP40 with approximately 100mm of a compact hard base (type 1 or type 3), a weed-suppressing membrane and sand to level.

What is the difference between MOT type 1 or type 3?

Compact hard base, MOT type 1 is much finer and can over time become less permeable while the compact hard base, MOT type 3 is larger and more permeable.

Does GP40 allow grass to grow in its cells?

Yes, grass can grow in the panels cells when filled with soil and seed.

Can I put GP40 straight onto grass or soil?

We recommend not installing directly onto grass or soil but instead install onto a compact sub-base or similar as it creates a sturdy, even base. Soil or grass can and most likely will absorb water leading to sinking and creating an uneven sub-base for your GP40.

How much is delivery?

The cost for delivery can be seen when you add your product to basket and at checkout.

About GP40

Manufactured from recycled polyethylene and moulded into shape, GP40 gravel grid is most commonly used to create DIY gravel driveways, garden bases, car parks, access routes and more. The grids versatility is what makes it such a popular ground reinforcement grid. Due to its unique design and formulation of plastic each GP40 panel can withstand up 250 tonnes per m2, is weatherproof and rot-resistant so will not break down over time. The open structure makes the grid permeable and SuDs compliant meaning rain and other liquids can naturally drain into the ground below to reduce surface water build-up and lessen the chances of flooding. Whilst being effective, GP40 grids are also easy to install thanks to their lightweight frame and slot and T bar connection system, one person can easily manoeuver and install their areas. 70kg of gravel is required to fill 1m of GP40.

What Can GP40 Be Used For?

GP40 is a versatile paving product thanks to its many benefits such as its strength, durability, easy installation, weather and rot resistance. Below are just a few examples of how it has been used and continues to be used:

Gravel Driveways

Gravel driveways are one of the most common uses for GP40 driveway grid, the many benefits mentioned previously are ideal for helping you create strong and permeable driveways. Due to each panels open structure, GP40 can be filled with angular gravel to create a gravel parking surface which will not migrate, rut or pothole. If installed correctly on to a solid sub-base, these DIY driveway grids will provide you with a long term parking solution which can support the weight and movement of cars, lorries, motorbikes, HGVs, coaches and vans. With flooding almost commonplace in the UK over the past few years, a GP40 plastic driveway grid is also SuDs compliant which means rain and other liquids are able to drain away naturally and therefore greatly reduce surface water build-up and lessen the chances of flash flooding on your gravel drive.

Car Parks

Car parks are required almost everywhere and with a large focus on reducing urban flooding following serious floods over the past few years, replacing concrete or tarmac car parks with a permeable gravel car park has become a regular occurrence. Being permeable and SuDs complaint due to its 85% open-cell design, GP40 will provide you with a huge reduction in surface water build-up as rain can drain away naturally into the ground below. As well as its permeability, the gravel mats strength also makes it a top choice for paving a car park.


In some equestrian areas such as paddocks, grazing areas or around a stable you may require hard standing grassed areas which will not be affected by the weather and any foot or hoof traffic it experiences. After frequent use or during bad weather, you may find that some grass and soil areas start showing signs of wear with mud patches, rutting and potholing rendering the area unsafe to use.

GP40 gravel matting is ideal for reinforcing the ground whilst improving drainage. During wetter months you may find many large muddy areas which need to be avoided, with a ground grid installed and filled with either gravel, sand, or soil and seed mix, you will be provided with a strong yet forgiving under hoof surface which can be used in almost any equestrian setting. GP40’s open-cell structure creates grass or gravel retainers with better drainage meaning your riding season can be prolonged into the UK’s wetter months which may usually prevent riding and there is also less chance of the ground drying out during hotter months which is less fatiguing for both rider and horse and will not impact the horse’s joints as heavily.

Access Routes

Access routes are vital in many applications where you can find a large group of people driving their cars or walking ‘off-road’ such as on camping or caravan sites, at sporting venues and also schools. Providing a solid and reliable track for visitors to use, it is also a legal requirement for ambulances, police and fire engines to have an efficient access route so they can respond to time-critical events.

The term access route is regularly used to describe roads and tracks leading to public and private grounds found commonly at schools or village halls who predominantly use grass areas for parking and traffic reducing tracks which can lead to the grass and soil areas becoming muddy, rutted and sometimes even impassable. While eroding the area, once the soil has been compacted by tyres it becomes harder for the grass to grow back.

This is where GP40 can be utilised. When installed correctly, GP40 reinforces the ground and any traffic that passes over the grassed area does not rely on any of the strength of the grass and soil. This is because the wheels only ever come into contact with the strong grid which at the same time eliminates any muddiness as the soil is not reached. The gravel grid GP40 also allows natural drainage too as there is much less surface water build-up and helps discourage local flooding.

Golf Courses

Golf courses all around the UK are believers in the use of a gravel mat installation. Whether it be a trolley track, footpath or cart path, GP40 provides a strong, erosion free and improved drainage solution. As the grids can be filled with a number of materials such as soil and seed or gravel you are able to create a decorative or even natural-looking area around the course.

Using GP40 almost entirely removes direct foot and wheel traffic on the grass and soil below which can, in turn, allow the area to be used all year round regardless of the weather. The permeability of each GP40 panel means any rain or water can drain naturally away without the area becoming muddy and unusable. Using GP40 ground guard dramatically reduces the money and time spent on regular maintenance such as re-seeding and hollow tining which would otherwise need a lot of attention to keep the course open.

Permeable Paving

As mentioned prior, there has been a lot of attention on urbanised flooding in the UK over the last few years following a large number of towns and cities being badly affected by floods. Which is why SuDs (Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems) compliance was brought in during the Flood and Water Management Act 2010. The most effective way to reduce the damage of flooding is prevention which is why our gravel stabilisation mat is a great permeable paving and surfacing solution. GP40 has an 85% open cell structure which allows surface water to permeate through and be absorbed by the ground below, reducing the water sent into our drainage systems which have proved time and again they struggle to cope with the large amounts of rain we experience.

Which is why so many people are swapping their hard-scaped driveways, access routes, pathways and more for permeable gravel or grass filled GP40 which is strong like their existing surface but also helps reduce water-logging, surface water and localised flooding.

If you require more information on our GP40 read the product specification or if would like some advice to help you decide which product would suit your needs perfectly, please do not hesitate to get in touch. Call us, live chat to a member of our team now or leave a message.

Weight 5.4 kg
Dimensions 1000 × 1000 × 40 mm
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