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Soakaway Crate – Rainsmart Ellipse Double

Modular Double Stacked Soakaway Crates For Water Storage Or Filtration

High quality, flat packed and easy to assemble recycled plastic soakaway crate perfect for creating SuDS compliant water storage or filtration systems under landscaped areas, pedestrianised areas, playgrounds, driveways & more. Multiple double-stacked crates can be used together to create a larger area and volume soakaway. If creating a larger soakaway through butting and stacking, we recommend connecting using cable ties until the side fill is introduced.

  • Dimensions: W: 715mm x D: 400mm x H: 860mm
  • Capacity: Up to 233L (4 Double Crates = 1m³)
  • Colour: Black
  • Weight: 13.8kg
  • Vertical Load Capacity: 24.2 Tonnes per m2
  • Lateral Load Capacity: 18 Tonnes per m2
  • Void Ratio: 95%
  • Material: Recycled Polypropylene
  • Knockouts On One Side Of Crate
  • Can Be Connected to 110mm Pipes
  • Components Received: 7x Large Plates, 7x Small Plates & 1x Entry Plate
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How can Soakaway Crates be used?

Soakaway crates can be used under a range of applications as either attenuation systems for drainage or water storage systems for water reuse.

Do I need to use membrane with Soakaway crates?

Yes, a Woven Membrane or Non-Woven Membrane is required when installing soakaway crates. Learn which one you require by reading our installation guide.

Where can I find installation instructions?

Install guides can be found on the ‘downloads’ tab.

Is there space on the inside of a crate for a sump pump to be installed?

It is possible depending on the size of the sump pump. But the pump would have to be placed inside the crate during the construction of the soakaways.

How much is delivery?

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What is the delivery time frame?

An expected delivery time will be displayed on the product page and clearly at checkout.

About Rainsmart Double Ellipse Soakaway Crates

Manufactured in the UK from 100% recycled plastic, double Rainsmart storm crates are buried beneath earth, gravel and other permeable materials which create a void space underground with the purpose of holding rainwater or surface water run-off. Designed for use beneath low-intensity domestic surfaces such as small driveways or landscaped areas, these double-stacked crates can help protect your home and garden against the effects of rain, storms and flooding. These modular, easy to assemble crates can be stacked and stood side by side with other crates to create larger soakaway areas. If doing so, before the area has been filled around the crates, we recommend connecting to neighbouring crates using cable ties. To assemble an Ellipse soakaway crate we recommend the use of a rubber mallet which will help when connecting the structure together by applying enough pressure to create a strong crate but will not be too forceful as to break them.

Please note, the first image only is of the double soakaway crate. The other images are of the single crate to show you the soakaway crates from different angles.

The crate configuration can either be used as a rainwater harvesting tank or to hold water indefinitely or for attenuation purposes, whereby water is held temporarily until it can permeate through the crate and membrane and into the ground below. Each double crate will hold up to 233 litres of water, meaning that small and large, hidden underground tanks can be created quickly and relatively easily with no need for mechanised lifting or specialist skills or tools.

Although the two different types of storm crate installations do not vary much, in terms of the finished product they could not be more different. Water storage systems are installed underground and use pipes to collect as much water as possible but a non-permeable membrane is wrapped around these crates to prevent any water from escaping. The collected water can then be reused however you wish from powering water features, as reserves in case of drought or just watering your flowers. On the other hand, infiltration systems are installed underground and use pipes to collect surface water and a permeable membrane is wrapped around each crate. The collected water is then slowly released into the ground below at an acceptable rate to ensure it does not overwhelm and cause surface water build up or localised flooding. This is done whilst also preventing the ingress of soil or sand particles which could otherwise lead to waterlogged ground and potential floods.

If you require more information on our crates or need some advice to help you decide which is the best product for your needs, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Call or LiveChat to a member of our team during office hours or leave us a message outside of these times.

Weight 13.8 kg
Dimensions 715 × 400 × 860 mm

Product Guide

Soakaway Assembly Instructions

Soakaway Installation Guide

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