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Soakaway Crates – Underground Water Storage Solution

Our fantastic range of soakaway crates are manufactured from recycled materials and their high-quality construction makes them the best on the market. These water storage crates have been specially designed to store a large capacity of water and can also be stacked high to create large water storage systems. Our range of SuDS compliant crates allow you to reuse the stored water or redirect the flow at an acceptable rate to a local body of water or storm drains to reduce surface build-up and localised flooding. This helps to reduce pressure on already overwhelmed drainage routes whilst maintaining a store of reusable water.

Our range of soakaway boxes are quick and easy to install and do not require specialist skills or tools. The product has a variety of uses for both water attenuation and stormwater drainage.

These Include;

  • Landscaped areas
  • Pedestrianised areas
  • Playgrounds
  • Driveways & more

Water Attenuation & Storm Crates

Many people don’t take the time to look at their soil structure and water drainage in their outdoor space and this can lead to problems if not dealt with correctly. If drainage is a problem within your outdoor space such as the rain causes a boggy mess or leaves standing water, this can be an issue for plant growth as the roots are constantly sitting in soddened water which will affect the plant’s development. To resolve this issue our range of 100% recyclable heavy-duty soakaway crates sit beneath the earth and are specially designed for low-intensity domestic surfaces such as small driveways or landscaped areas, the crates can help protect your home and garden against the effects of storms and flooding.

If you would like to find out more information about water drainage solutions, then read this Guardian article which explains the importance of water drainage and its effects on plant growth.

Soakaway Crate Installation

If you would like to see how easy water attenuation boxes & storm crates are to install then please use the video below as a reference. In the video, they demonstrate the installation of a soakaway crate in under 5 minutes without any specialist equipment.

Rainsmart Ellipse Soakaway Crate

Crafted from 100% recycled plastic and manufactured within the UK our Rainsmart Ellipse storm and water attenuation crates are buried under earth, gravel or other permeable materials which creates a void space for the purpose of holding rain-water whilst allowing surface water to drain away. This high-quality product is modular and versatile and can be used to hold water indefinitely as a rainwater harvesting tank or for water attenuation purposes, where the water is held temporarily and permeates into the ground below. The soakaway crates have a large capacity of up to 119 litres and the easy installation means you can create a water storage or attenuation system which matches your needs and works for you without needing any specialist tools or skills.

If you would like to find out more information about our range of soakaway crates or would like to speak to a member of the friendly sales team then please do not hesitate to contact us.