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Pour On Gravel Resin – GravelHold

Pour On Polyurethane Gravel Resin For Securing Loose Stones

GravelHold is a pour-on resin which can be applied to both new and existing gravel from 3mm up to 20mm in diameter to create solid, UV-stable, durable, permeable and SuDS-compliant surfaces for a wide range of applications. Used to create both decorative spaces and gravel areas that can withstand pedestrian traffic, GravelHold is the ideal solution for binding together your loose and crunchy stones or gravel to create sharp, attractive and migration-free landscaped surfaces.

  • Unit Size: 5 Litres
  • Coverage: From 8m² to 14m² (depending on aggregate, depth and application method)
  • Recommended Gravel Size: From 3mm to 20mm gravel
  • Coats Required: Gravel will typically require 1 Coat
  • Maximum Application Temperature: 40c
  • Minimum Application Temperature: 5°C and rising
  • Curing Times: Approx. 8 hours at 15°C
  • Application Methods: Pouring, Spraying or Mixing,
  • Warranty: 2 Year Guarantee
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About GravelHold Pour On Gravel Resin

GravelHold is an incredibly simple to use yet effective polyurethane solution for all of your loose gravel binding needs. To use, simply apply GravelHold evenly to clean and dry gravel up to 20mm in diameter via one of the three application methods which are mentioned in greater detail below. Usually not affected by rain after installation, able to be installed at lower temperatures and with quick drying times, our loose gravel resin has been designed for DIY use to allow you to create beautifully landscaped gravel areas without tradesmen or specialist equipment. The system will reach its initial strength after 24 hours of drying and will achieve full strength after 7 days. The high resin content ensures this binder will outperform any water-based binders and for your peace of mind, GravelHold is also supplied with a superb 2-year guarantee.

How To Use GravelHold Pour On Gravel Resin

GravelHold can be applied in three ways, Pour-On, Spray-On or Hand Mix, which one you choose depends on how you plan to use the gravel surfaces. Here are the most common uses and the recommended technique to ensure our pour on gravel binder can perform perfectly for your intended use:

  • Decorative gravel (in plant pots, containers or bordering fences etc.) which are classed as non-foot traffic areas, can be applied using any of the three techniques.
  • Gravel in borders (at the sides of paths etc.) that will receive just occasional foot traffic, should be applied using the spray-on or hand mix method.
  • Gravel footpaths (in gardens, around paving slabs or dustbin store areas etc.) that are likely to experience regular foot traffic should be installed using only the hand mix and trowel method to achieve the best results.

You can learn about the application process for the three methods here:

Pour-On Method – For Decorative Gravel

GravelHold can be poured from a watering can, using around 1 litre per square metre. Ensure your stones are evenly coated for best results. A sprinkler rose should be used to ensure distribution. Or, if desired, 3mm diameter holes can be drilled into the lid of the GravelHold container to create a sprinkler effect and be used similarly to a watering can.

Spray-On Method – Occasional Foot Traffic

For a more controlled application and better results, a pressurised sprayer can be used instead of a watering can. If using a pressurised sprayer, evenly coat your stones at the rate of approximately 0.5 litres per square metre and try to avoid run-off. Sprayers can be flushed with white spirit between GravelHold uses which will help to remove any residue and prevent the binder from curing inside the sprayer.

Hand Mix Method – Regular Foot Traffic

Shovel your gravel into a durable bucket or trug before adding GravelHold slowly and mixing with a clean garden trowel or fork. Once the gravel is evenly coated, decant the gravel to the desired area and begin smoothing slightly with a plastering trowel to achieve an even finish. This process can be repeated, reusing any excess GravelHold left between mixes or adding more as needed.

For more information on our GravelHold pour-on binder, read the Product Guide available in the downloads tab above or please do not hesitate to contact us. You can call us or live chat with a member of our team during office house or outside of these times leave us a message.

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