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Rubber Mulch

Safe, Vibrant, Effective and Cost Effective Rubber Mulch Surfaces

Rubber mulch is a safe, natural-looking and fully permeable surface used as durable play area bark or as high-quality decorative dressing bark. Rubber mulch is created from recycled tyres before being covered in durable PU coating to create a colourful look and feel of wood bark chippings. This cost-effective, easy to install product is perfect for adding colour & character to your garden. Whilst being a decorative bark replacement, it also has a number of benefits which makes it the ideal product for installation as play area surfacing and around plants in your garden. Learn more about the installation and benefits of rubber mulch by reading on:


Our Rubber Mulch product is really easy to install for decorative purposes. Simply open the bag, lay onto the required area. Distribute the product along the space evenly covering all the space. Stand back and admire the character and colour added to your outdoor space! You can add a membrane underneath if you are wanting to prevent weed and plant growth from below and create an edging system around the area to prevent migration but these are not essential. We estimate that one 10kg bag at 50mm depth will cover approx 0.5m².


The main use of rubber mulch is to replace wooden mulch as a decorative or ornamental surfacing product around plants and in gardens which can be installed directly onto grass or soil. The colourful options available add a unique dimension and compliment the surrounding areas of your garden and growing areas whereas before a regular, plain bark could have been used which simply faded into the background.

Weed Suppression

Annual and perennial weeds are not only unsightly but they also compete with your plants for moisture, light and nutrients. These should be removed before the installation but once rubber mulch has been installed on top of weeds, they prevent any weeds from thriving and reaching the surface. Application of quality mulches helps suppress weed growth by up to 80%, however, it is inevitable that the occasional annual and perennial weeds will germinate before becoming visible within the area so these few anomalies should be simply removed as normal.

Moisture retention

Rubber mulch is also ideal for reducing moisture loss. Although water and nutrients are able to easily permeate through the surface to reach the ground and plants below, the same moisture cannot escape as easily thanks to the rubber material mulch is manufactured from.

Pest Eradication

Rubber mulch is able to prevent certain ‘pests’ from reaching your plants and potentially eating or destroying them. Deterring slugs and other pests is an important part of growing plants, vegetables and flowers to ensure your hard work is not ruined by unwanted visitors. Worry less about this from occurring with the use of rubber mulch to help prevent your plants from being reached.

For more information please do not hesitate to contact us and speak to a member of our knowledgeable and friendly team. You can call us or LiveChat during office hours or leave us a message outside of these times.

Please note: Due to normal wear and tear and UV exposure, over time all colour coated products are likely to expose the base rubber. As a result, mulch may transfer colour marks on to users. The loose mulch could also be blown around or away in high winds. There are often variations in shade and shred size between mulch batches. Any orders of a single colour over 100 bags of mulch may be from more than one batch. For batch information refer to manufacture codes and dates marked on the pallet.