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Ground Protection Mats

Mats for protecting the ground and grass from erosion, compaction and rutting

Our range of ground protection mats are designed to help protect the ground and grass from the effects of trafficking by vehicles, pedestrians and animals. With a number of different finishes available for the final surface, such as grass, gravel, bark, sand or even rubber, these are some of our most versatile products that can be used to solve a whole host of problems.

X-Grid Ground Reinforcement Grid

X-Grid is one of our most popular products, and can be used to create a surface which is low-maintenance, permeable, durable and attractive. When filled with gravel, the X-Grid reduces any migration of gravel and eliminates rutting, beaching and compaction. These three things are essentially the only issues with a loose gravel surface, and as X-Grid eliminates all of them it is practically the perfect surface for any access route, footpath, driveway, patio area and more.

Weighing just 0.57kg per panel, able to hold up to 420 tonnes per square metre, UV stabilised and can withstand temperatures in excess of 50 degree C (far hotter than UK summers) shows that the design of our base works perfectly to create an effective domestic paving or surfacing solution.

The unique open cell structure also allows the surface to be permeable meaning that rain and other water is able to drain naturally away which would otherwise sit as stagnant surface water and possibly cause surface water flooding. As part of the design, an integrated slot and peg system is included which is so effective that paired with the lightweight nature of each panel, one person can install 100m² of our base panels in just one hour. Once installed you can fill your base with any number of different materials (bark, sand, rubber chippings, gravel etc.) to increase its strength and attractiveness.

Rubber Grass Protection Mats

Another highly popular solution to ground protection are rubber grass protection mats. Designed to simply lay on the grass surface, fixed into place with plastic fixing pegs and plastic cable ties, these durable and flexible rubber mats require very little ground preparation. This can make these a perfect solution for creating a well protected grass surface without having to dig up the ground.

As there’s practically no ground preparation needed, these rubber ground protection mats can be put down temporarily for events or to help protect against large amounts foot traffic. With some of the products comes a “critical fall height” rating, ideal for if these mats are being placed beneath play equipment such as garden swings, slides, climbing frames etc. As well as guarding the grass from erosion due to high levels of foot traffic, these mats will help to protect against injuries in the case of a fall.

If you have any questions regarding our ground protection mats or other products then please do not hesitate to get in touch. You can leave us a message or live chat to member of our team to discuss your needs.