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Metal Sheds

Metal sheds are an excellent alternative to more traditional wooden and plastic sheds. Metal sheds host a whole range of advantages that you don’t get with other materials.

Metal Storage Sheds

Unlike other alternatives, metal sheds require no maintenance at all. Most metal storage buildings come with anti-rust finishes, meaning they can withstand all weathers and it has very little effect on the materials. Metal also has fantastic anti-rot qualities which means that not only will the shed last longer but you also won’t have to paint or cover up certain areas, which may be necessary with materials that do rot. Because of their many benefits, sheds can be a mainstay in your garden for years and years with no need to replace it.

Metal Garden Sheds

Thanks to metal being incredibly strong, metal sheds are almost completely impenetrable. This means that you won’t have to worry about anything inside the shed getting wet as even in the heaviest of rain the shed will withstand the water and not allow it to enter the shed. Most alternative sheds need to have sloped roofs to further prevent leaks.

Thanks to metal being extremely robust you are also able to store products like seeds and animal food without worrying about rodents finding a way into the shed and eating the produce, whereas with wooden materials there is always a slight chance of a rodent gaining access to the contents of the shed.

Plastic Shed Base

When installing a metal garden shed it is essential that it has a strong foundation to ensure the shed lasts as long as possible without any sinking or damage beneath the shed which may cause structural issues. Our very own shed base is manufactured from 100% recycled plastics. It is able to hold up to 420 tonnes per m2 when installed correctly and is perfect the foundation for any garden building. Thanks to its unique design, it has excellent drainage preventing water build-up beneath the shed and in turn, reduces the surface water and the chances of rotting or water damage around the shed.

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