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Our black fixing pegs are available in two lengths and are compatible with our rubber grass mats and membranes

Our black fixing pegs are the perfect fixing product for securing a number of our protection products into the ground. Available in two sizes, 150mm and 190mm long you can choose between the two lengths dependent on your needs. The pegs are easy to install too, simply push them into the ground using your hand if the surface is soft enough, if the ground is too hard for your hand use a rubber mallet to knock them into place. These pegs are a cost effective and efficient fixing solution that will secure your products perfectly.

What products can the black fixing pegs be used with?

Black fixing pegs are efficient anchors that can be a vital part of some projects, below are just a few examples of how the black pegs are used with some of our products:

Rubber Grass Mats

We recommend that Rubber grass mats are secured into place otherwise they could move around quite a bit if experiencing heavy traffic. To secure the rubber grass mats in place we recommend using 5 of the black fixing pegs per mat, install one peg in each corner of the mat and then one in the middle of the mat to secure it as well as possible. You can then finish the installation using cable ties to connect neighbouring mats together.


Membranes are commonly fixed using metal u-pins but these are not always the best solution. Our easy to install black fixing pegs are a great alternative for securing membranes, simply push or mallet them in place along the membrane to ensure the sheet does not move when walked on or the wind blows. As the pegs are a similar colour to some membranes it also becomes a discreet fixing that is not obvious.

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