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Grass protection mesh for use under occasional foot, light vehicle and wheelchair traffic

GrassMesh 450 is our medium duty grass protection mesh which is intended for areas that are used occasionally by wheelchair users, pedestrians and light machinery such as lawnmowers. You are able to install the mesh on both uneven and flat ground to give your turfed area a durable and strong yet discreet protective layer.

  • Dimensions: 2m x 10m x 3mm
  • Weight: 450g/sqm
  • Colour: Green
  • Wheelchair Friendly: Yes
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SKU: GM0450G0210

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About Our Medium Duty Grass Protection Mesh

GrassMesh 450 is our medium duty grass protection mesh which is used for occasional pedestrian, wheelchair and light machinery (lawnmowers, chippers etc.) traffic only. It is a versatile and flexible product that can be used on both uneven and flat ground effectively on both domestic and commercial projects. The meshes main use is to protect the root of grassed areas which deals with regular pedestrian traffic such as paths, playgrounds, golf courses and any other green areas. Whilst preventing further grass erosion and allowing the grass below to grow naturally, the installed grassmesh becomes almost invisible as the turf grows it hides the similar coloured product. You can also work on the grassed area just as you would before so you can mow, fertilise, feed and treat the grass as normal. Each grass protection mesh roll can be used in all weathers and are SUDS compliant meaning it allows effective drainage of surface water to protect green areas from localised flooding.

Please note, the product image is for illustrative purposes and the colour and shape may differ.

Why Should I Use Medium Duty Grass Protection Mesh?

GrassMesh is a fantastic, versatile product that can be used for a multitude of applications. The many benefits the mesh carries which are mentioned above make it the ideal product for so many commercial and domestic projects. Below are just a few examples of uses and more information on how the mesh helps in these situations:

Tracks, Paths & Walkways

Under pedestrian and wheelchair traffic grassed areas can become heavily damaged, muddy messes. GrassMesh can be used as a solution to prevent this type of damage from occurring and can even correct these areas and restore them to their former glory. When installed, the mesh protects the root of the grass and takes the weight of foot traffic to prevent eroding the current grassed area. Grass protection mesh provides you with an easy to install, discreet, strong, durable and non-slip product that can support occasional pedestrian and wheelchair traffic.

Preventing Dogs From Digging

Customers in the past have contacted us as dogs have been digging up and destroying their grass and garden. Our grass protection mesh proved to be a gentle deterrent to the dogs whilst allowing the damaged areas to regrow naturally to its previous state. The mesh can aid in changing your garden from looking like an excavation site back to its lush self whist still allowing your 4 legged friends to run around normally in the garden.

GrassMesh is a functional product which is designed for a technical purpose. The mesh is supplied in a green colour and is not a colour-matched product, therefore colour may vary between batches or individual rolls.

If you require more information on our grass protection mesh range or would like some advice on whether or not GrassMesh would be suitable your project, please do not hesitate to get in touch today. Leave us a message or live chat to a member of our staff now.

Additional information

Weight 9 kg
Dimensions 10000 × 2000 mm
Suitable for


What is GrassMesh able to support?

GrassMesh can provide support for pedestrians, wheelchairs and garden machinery.

Is GrassMesh suitable for dogs to walk on?

Yes, GrassMesh can be walked on by dogs.

What thickness mesh can a lawnmower go over?

Any thickness of mesh can be mowed as long as the blade height has been lifted.

How many pegs do I need?

We recommend 1 peg per 2.5m²

Should grass protection mesh be laid over existing turf or over a newly seeded area?

Both existing turf and a newly seeded area will work.

Where can I find installation instructions?

Install guides can be found on the ‘downloads’ tab. In addition, more information on installations can be found through our blogs.

How much is delivery?

The cost for delivery can be seen when you add your product to basket and at checkout.

Will the mesh be delivered on a pallet?

Any mesh over 2m will be delivered by pallet.

Product Guide

Installation Guide

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