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X-Grid Delineators

Creating Parking Spaces and Road Markings With X-Grid

These white delineators are for use with exclusively X-Grid as they fit perfectly into the open cells of the grid. Used to create parking spaces, road markings, walkways and more they are the perfect way to create distinct lines when using X-Grid for any type of parking or paving project.

  • Colour: White
  • Compatible with: X-Grid
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In stock

Product Code XG-Delins-001
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What are X-Grid delineators used for?

X-Grid delineators are used to mark out parking spaces, road markings, walkways and more.

Are the delineators only for use with X-Grid?

Yes, they are used exclusively with X-Grid as they fit perfectly into the open cells of the grid.

Where can I find the installation instructions?

Instructions can be found on the downloads tab at the bottom of the product page. In addition, more information on installation can be found through our blogs and YouTube videos.

How much is delivery?

Delivery is £10 for any quantity of X-Grid, bases, mats, tiles and accessories.

How quick is shipping?

We typically endeavour your product to be delivered within 3-5 working days but the expected delivery time of your purchase will be displayed clearly at checkout.

How are the products packaged?

We take great care when packaging your order to ensure that our products reach you in the best possible condition. In addition, we are always trying to be more sustainably friendly therefore try to minimize the amount of plastic packaging we use around our products and use recycled packaging.

About Our X-Grid Delineators

White X-Grid delineators are used for marking out parking spaces, roads, paths and so much more. These particular markings are compatible only with X-Grid as they slot perfectly into the grids circular cells so the delineators do not have room to move around or come loose. The bright white colour of the delineators make the markings for parking spaces stand out very well against the colour of X-Grid and gravels. As they too are made of plastic they are weather and UV resistant so will not rot or break down just like X-Grid.

If you require more information on our X-Grid delineators or would like some advice on whether or not X-Grid and delineators would be suitable for your project, please do not hesitate to get in touch today. Leave us a message or live chat to a member of our staff now.

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Dimensions 60 × 20 mm
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