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Picnic Tables

A picnic table is a perfect addition to any garden, looking great in any setting they are perfect for you to spend quality time with friends and family in your garden.
With wooden furniture and picnic tables alike, there is no drop in comfort, meaning you can enjoy your new furniture for hours on end. A picnic table is perfect for when there are multiple people all wanting to sit and spend time together. A wooden picnic table is a perfect option for outdoor furniture. Whether it’s to be used during the day spending time in the garden with family and friends, or if its to be used for an outdoor evening meal, you will be able to enjoy it in comfort in your new wooden picnic table.

Why a Wooden Picnic Table?

Going for a wooden picnic table hosts a range of benefits. Because wood is so versatile it can be designed into many different styles, shapes and sizes. This means that there is always a picnic table design to suit your taste. Wood also hosts a number of environmentally friendly advantages as once instaled in your garden it can last years and years meaning that there will be no need to replace the table. A wooden bin store can also be recycled once it is time to be replaced meaning no materials are gone to waste. As well as this wood gives a classic, rustic look that you don’t get with other materials.


With wooden picnic tables, we recommend a level of maintenance that could be upheld in order to make the arbour last as long as possible. During winter months you could cover the wooden picnic set to make sure that it isn’t heavily affected by the conditions, however, this is not essential and the picnic set will be fine if left uncovered. We also recommend that If you are going to oil your picnic table, that the wood is completely dry before oiling and that the oil is suitable for hardwood. We recommend that the wood is oiled two to three times during summer seasons and once before winter storage, however, this is not essential for maintenance.

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