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Arbour Seats

A stunning wooden garden feature can transform your garden and give it a new lease of life, and a brand new wooden arbour seat could do just that. Our wooden arbours could be the perfect choice when looking for a new piece of furniture to add to your garden.

What is an Arbour Seat?

In its simplest form, an arbour is a seated area with a roof, However, our arbours are so much more than that. Thanks to the versatile nature of wood there are many different designs that can be created. This means that whatever your taste there is an arbour seat for you. Arbour furniture are perfect for providing a tranquil space for some much needed relaxing in your garden. Thanks to the roofed design of the arbour seats you can enjoy them regardless of the weather, allowing them to be enjoyed all year round, meaning you can make the most out of your garden.

Why an Arbour Seat?

Wooden arbour seats are perfect for providing a seating area in your garden without disturbing nature. Thanks to the strong nature of wood and the design of certain seats, climbing plants like ivy and vines are able to grow up the arbour seat helping the seat to blend into its surroundings. Because of this, the arbour seat is very popular in places that are up against walls or hedges. Arbour seating can also come in corner shapes allowing them to fit anywhere in your garden.

Different types of Arbour Seats

Whether you want to enjoy some time alone or spend time with family and friends in the comfort of your own garden, there is an arbour seating area for you. Thanks to the versatile properties that wood possesses, arbour seating areas can be manufactured in many different designs from corner seats to flatbacks with curved, flat or pointed roofs. Arbour garden seats can also come with spaces left in between wooden areas to allow for climbing plants to grow up the frame to give the seated area a more natural aesthetic. Certain arbour seats also have compatible cushions that make enjoying your garden even more comfortable.


With wooden arbour seats, we recommend a level of maintenance that could be upheld in order to make the arbour last as long as possible. We recommend that during winter months you cover the wooden arbour to make sure that it isn’t heavily affected by the conditions. We also recommend that If you are going to oil your arbour, that the wood is completely dry before oiling and that the oil is suitable for hardwood. We recommend that the wood is oiled two to three times during summer seasons and once before winter storage, however, this is not essential for maintenance.

For more information on our range of wooden arbour seating range, please do not hesitate to contact us and speak to a member of our knowledgeable and friendly team. You can call us or LiveChat during office hours or leave us a message outside of these times.