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About Our Patio Heater Range

Patio heaters are a fabulous garden accessory, perfect for extending your outdoor time especially when the temperature drops by keeping you and your guests warm whilst providing extra light to the space. If you love staying outside in the evening with the family or you are planning a big outdoor event or party, creating the right mood and ensuring everyone is warm as the evening progresses is incredibly important. Stylish, cost-effective and easy to operate garden heating solutions which are ideal for use with garden dining sets, garden sofas and so much more, creating cosy seating areas. Manufactured from robust and stylish materials, you will receive an attractive and long-lasting outdoor heating which can be commonly found in high-end restaurants, bars and urban gatherings. When not in use, the garden heaters are easily covered with a protective cover which will help prolong its working life and is recommended to be used whenever the heater is stood idle.

Is a Gas Patio Heater Right For Me?

When choosing a garden heating solution there are usually two choices, a gas-powered heater or an electric heater. Whilst both will provide ample heat for your outdoor spaces, gas does carry a range of advantages such as;

  • Being powered using gas instead of electric will provide you with a more visually striking heat source with natural flickering flames, instead of an artificial glare, which is much more atmospheric improving your evenings of outdoor relaxation.
  • Gas-powered heaters are also cable-free so can be positioned around your outdoor space without needing a local electric power source improving the potential usage and removing tripping hazards.
  • Some electric heaters can also be unsuitable for use outdoor if there is a risk of rain or snow, whereas gas patio heaters have no electric components so can be left outdoors at all times.

If you would like more information on our outdoor heating range or would like to speak to a member of our knowledgeable and friendly team then please do not hesitate to contact us.