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An Attractive Range of Recycled Plastic Garden Composters

Take a look at our fantastic range of compost bins that will suit any outdoor space and meet your composting needs. There are a wide range of benefits that composting has to offer and every keen gardener finds it rewarding to produce their own supply of compost.

These include:

  • Enviromentally Friendly
  • Unlimited Supply of Nutrient-Rich Compost
  • Easy To Produce
  • Little Maintainence with Compost Bin


Crafted from recycled household plastic, the RecoComposter product is durable, weatherproof, UV resistant and rot-proof. The special feature of insulation means that heat is not lost to the environment which is a great benefit for your compost heap, as a consistent humidity and heat helps to encourage worm and microbial activity. This product is built to last and recycling your organic garden and kitchen waste in the compost bin has never been easier thanks to its protection from acids, salts and/or the microbial activity in the compost heap will not affect the construction of the compost bin. The product features an easy assembly, removable panels to access fresh compost and an attractive design that allows for optimal aeration to the compost heap.

Benefits of Composting

Compost has many benefits as it is the most environmentally-friendly way of dealing with kitchen and garden waste, plus it produces nutrient-rich compost that can be used as an excellent soil improver. Composting is easy and can be done all year round and can be done in any outdoor space making it accessible to most people. Even though councils offer green waste collections, encouraging home composting is a better alternative as it does not involve heavy transport, with its associated environmental costs. If you would like to find out more about composting and compost heaps then visit Recycle Now where they will explain further the benefits of composting at home.

How to Start a Compost Heap

Starting a compost heap is simple and quick. We recommend investing in a compost bin which will provide insulation and aeration, provide a tidy space to store your compost and reduces user maintenance. Investing in our range of compost bins you can rest assured that the highest quality materials have been used to construct the garden accessory so that the product has a long usable life, is recyclable and is easy to install. Another great benefit of using a garden composter is it can provide style and character to your outdoor space which would rather be a pile of dirt. For some more tips on starting your own compost heap, watch the video below where the Eden Project explains their tips for great compost! Alternatively, you can read about creating a compost heap from The Eden Project Blog.

What Can You Compost?

There is a huge amount of garden and kitchen waste which you can put into your compost bin. Compostable items are broken down into two categories, ‘greens’ and ‘browns’. Greens include grass cuttings, young weeds, spent plants, tea bags, coffee grounds, and vegetable peelings. These rot quickly to provide nitrogen and moisture which is vital for your compost. Browns include straw, sticks and twigs, wool, hair, cardboard, sawdust, and ashes. These rot more slowly, and create air pockets as well as providing fibre and carbon. Crushed eggshells are also a good source of minerals. We recommend a 50% greens and 50% browns mix for some excellent compost.

We wouldn’t recommend composting milk products, cooking oils, meat, used personal products, rice and bread products. These can attract pests to your compost heap and make your fresh compost a health hazard.

If you would like some more information about what to and what not to compost then visit Gardening Knowhow who will provide a broad list of items to compost and how to get a good balance of ‘greens’ and ‘browns.’

More Compost Bin Information

If you would like to find out some more information about our range of garden composters then please do not hesitate to contact us where a member of the friendly sales team can assist your further.