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Manufacturers Of Plastic Sheds & Garden Storage Boxes

Rubbermaid are an American manufacturer of plastic sheds and garden storage boxes. Founded in 1920 and with over 100 years of manufacturing experience, you can rest assured any shed or storage box will stand the test of time thanks to its strength, weather resistance, low maintenance and ample storage space.

A 10-year manufacturer’s limited warranty is also included for further peace of mind. You can browse the full product range by reading on:

Rubbermaid Sheds

Compact, durable, spacious and attractive garden storage solutions. Plastic sheds are ideal for safely storing your larger garden equipment, tools and other essentials. 

Rubbermaid Storage Boxes

Charming, functional & weather-resistant garden storage boxes perfect for securely storing your smaller garden tools, equipment, toys, furniture cushions and other essentials.