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Expert Manufacturers Of Plastic Sheds & Outdoor Storage Boxes

Lifetime are a US-based company with a worldwide reputation for creating innovative, attractive and durable plastic products which include sheds and outdoor storage boxes. Starting out as basketball hoop manufacturers, they put their skills to work for the garden storage market to create beautiful, spacious, long-lasting and low maintenance plastic sheds and storage boxes.

Being manufactured from plastic, each garden storage solution is able to withstand rain, wind and UV rays without fading or cracking to ensure they can be a mainstay in your outdoor space for years to come with little to no maintenance required.

Lifetime Plastic Shed Range

Lifetime sheds are built with durability in mind. With double-lined wall panels, steel reinforcements and roof trusses, you will be gaining a heavy duty outdoor storage building which also looks fantastic to add to the overall appearance of your garden or outdoor space.

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Lifetime Outdoor Storage Box Range

Lifetime storage boxes are the perfect smaller storage solutions for your garden or other outdoor space which can keep your belongings safe and also used for extra seating. Their boxes also include a fantastic capacity, durability and low maintenance plus controlled spring-hinge lids which open more than 90° and won’t slam shut unexpectedly.