Garden Edging for Lawns & Borders

EcoLat is a new generation edging product which is manufactured from entirely post-consumer recycled plastic. Being strong and durable with a unique decorative appearance, this range of garden and lawn edging is the perfect solution to creating crisp, clean separations between two or more landscaped areas.

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Recycled post-consumer
plastc waste

Available in grey or brown, this versatile edging product can be used between grassed areas, flower beds, garden borders, driveways, gravel paths and more. EcoLat is also flexible which allows this edging system to be contoured to meet the straights, bends and corners of an area perfectly to prevent crumbly edges, material migration and plants from growing outside of their boundary.

Being manufactured from recycled plastic, EcoLat carries a number of the same benefits that plastic does such as being weatherproof, strimmer resistant and environmentally friendly to ensure it can be used for almost all landscaped areas.

EcoPics are matching edging fixings for EcoLat which are too manufactured from post-consumer recycled plastic. These H shaped fixings make the installation of your EcoLat edging a simple process whilst carrying the same fantastic benefits as the EcoLat edging.

We recommend using 1 EcoPic per metre of EcoLat but the total amount depends on the shape of the edging you are wanting to install. To install EcoLat using EcoPics, follow these simple steps:

1. Begin by digging a trench where your EcoLat edging is going to be installed.

2. Into the trench, vertically lay your your EcoLat edging.

3. Directly the behind the EcoLat and at approximately 1m intervals, hammer in EcoPic stakes.

4. Using chipboard screws, screw the edging into the EcoPic repeat until all of the edging is secured.

5. To finish, back-fill the area around the EcoLat to create a smooth surface before landscaping the surrounding area as you wish.

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