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About Matabi

Matabi is a manufacturer of high-quality, well-pressured and hard-wearing watering implements. The brand, based in northern Spain, has been producing agricultural sprayers for more than 50 years. The comprehensive range features everything from knapsack sprayers to handheld devices. The company’s Pressure Regulator technology ensures accurate application of water onto crops and circumvents overdosing of water, feed, pesticides and other fluids onto valuable plants – with significant benefits to the environment. The dedicated sections of products range from garden sprayers for average gardens, vegetable patches and allotments, to industrial implements for use on farms.

Matabi Warranty

Warranty Information
  • Our products are guaranteed for a period fixed according to the current legislation in each country, from the date of purchase by the user, against any manufacturing or material defect.

  • The warranty is strictly limited to the free replacement of parts recognised as defective by our services. The warranty shall not apply in the event of misuse of our materials, disassembly and/or modifications of our devices, and for parts subject to normal wear and tear that require maintenance. The warranty will not apply in case of negligence, misuse, and non-rational use of the material.

  • Shipping and transporting expenses of the parts under warranty, as well as labour not performed in our factory, shall be borne by the user.

  • To make the guarantee effective, please refer to us, free of shipping costs, the part relating to the claim along with the invoice or purchase voucher.”

Correct at the time of writing – April 2022.