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With each Florenity Galaxy product, you will receive a 1 year guarantee via Norfolk Leisure. We recommend that you keep your proof of purchase to avoid any delays in the unlikely event of a warranty claim. Your items may experience natural occurrences in wood, known as checking and cracking, are caused by changes in the weather conditions such as rain and sun. This isn’t covered by the warranty. To clean your Florenity Galaxy products, use a damp piece of cloth and thoroughly wipe the item clean. Repeat this action an adequate amount of times. To keep your pieces in the best condition possible, we recommend you protect unpainted parts of the furniture as soon as it is assembled, and thereafter every three months, using a good quality sealant or protector. With any treatments you do use, please follow the instructions carefully. The application of oils on woods that are not completely dry can lead to black spotting. Should this occur we will be unable to change the product. After the product has been used for a period of time or has dried out, it may be necessary to tighten the screws. Use a torque wrench and a moderate torque.