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About Bulldog

Bulldog are a proven garden tool manufacturer and supplier based in Wigan, England. Founded in 1780, their brand has more than stood the test of time and continue to produce and innovate high-quality tools. Bulldog has been making tools at the same site since their creation and today still finish the heads, assemble the product and produce their own handles. Known for their strength and durability, Bulldog uniquely create their tools to ensure they stand up to even the harshest of work environments. Spades and forks are forged from solid steel and exceed the British standard for loading without bending (BS3388). The heads are then powder-coated for resistance and durability whilst being used. They also use their own quality ash handles which have not been altered for generations. Bulldog constantly design and produce new tools which are only approved if they meet their high standards. The range now includes spades, forks, shears, rakes, axes, hoes and so much more.

Bulldog Tool Warranty

“We guarantee the quality and workmanship of all our products. The length of our guarantee depends on the individual item. Products determined to be defective will be replaced at no charge. Lifetime Warranty: For products carrying a lifetime warranty we guarantee against defects in workmanship and materials. For the forged part of the tool, this means that we will replace the tool if the tool head breaks or bends (unless the tool is abused).  For the handle of the tool, a defect in materials or workmanship would normally be seen in the first year, so typically a tool with a damaged or broken handle will be replaced within the first year. Between 12-24 months we will often send a replacement handle at no charge. After two years, handle replacement would be considered maintenance. Replacement handles are available for the most common styles on-line, or you may contact us to order handles. This warranty does not cover damage from improper use or care. One Year Warranty: We guarantee against defects in materials and workmanship for one year from date of purchase. This warranty does not cover damage from improper use or care.” Correct at the time of writing – April 2022.