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Can A Plastic Shed Base Be Installed Directly Onto Concrete?

A very common question that we asked her at the Shed Base Company: “Can I install my plastic shed base directly on top of my existing concrete flooring?” To answer simply, yes. In this article we will be going over why you can install your fully recycled plastic base on top of your existing floor […]

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Things to Consider When Building a Shed Base on Uneven Ground

If you’re considering building a shed base on uneven ground, STOP! When considering adding a shed to your garden it’s really important not to rush into it because it’s not as simple as erecting your shed and Bob’s your uncle. The introduction of a shed to a garden takes preparation and planning. Firstly, you should […]

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Wooden Shed Bases – A Thing of the Past?

What’s the Alternative to a Wooden Shed base?   Image Thanks to Houz Well, you don’t have to.  Wooden shed bases will decompose and break down over time. There is a better solution out there to the wood shed base…. Plastic shed bases. Plastic shed bases, unlike their wood shed base counterparts, won’t decompose or […]

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Everything You Could Have Ever Wanted From A Shed Base

Everything You Could Have Ever Wanted from A Perfect Shed Base • Interconnecting Panels 330x330x40mm: • Panel weight 0.57 Kgs • Weather & UV Resistant • Made from 100% Recycled Plastic • Made in the UK • Strong, Durable, Quick & Easy to Install Summers here and the time is right … It’s the right […]

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Plastic Shed Bases – Bases That Are Making A Stand

Traditional Methods Are Not Always the Best Methods – Try A Plastic Shed Base Plastic Shed Bases are made from plastic which means they are stronger, more resilient, more dependable and are more cost-efficient. Plastic shed base panels are made from 100% recycled plastic. By using recycled plastic to create these awesome plastic shed bases […]