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Can A Plastic Shed Base Be Installed Directly Onto Concrete?

A very common question that we asked her at the Shed Base Company: “Can I install my plastic shed base directly on top of my existing concrete flooring?” To answer simply, yes. In this article we will be going over why you can install your fully recycled plastic base on top of your existing floor and how it is beneficial.

In some cases, people may already have a concrete base or flooring in place where they wish to install their new base and shed. It will more than likely cost more or be far more labour intensive to remove the hardscaped area before even starting to install your base.

You may be wondering why not just install on the concrete? Well, concrete holds any rain or other water that it comes into contact with which can lead to your shed absorbing the liquid and eventually rotting. By using our fully recycled plastic base, your shed is kept off the ground and away from the non-permeable concrete floor. Your shed is given room to breathe and avoid moisture to prolong its life and make sure you do not have to go out and buy a new shed any time soon.

There are a few ways of installing your new plastic shed base on to your existing concrete flooring. Although similar, they do include different products and vary in the amount of steps required.

Method 1 (The Quickest):

  1.  Clear your concrete base and ensure it is level,
  2. Install your new plastic shed base directly on to the concrete,
  3. (Optional) Fill your base with up to 20mm gravel,
  4. Install your new shed on top of your plastic base.

Method 2 (As seen in previous blogs):

  1. Clear your concrete flooring and ensure it is as flat as possible,
  2. (Optional) Lay a sheet of shed base membrane over the concrete surface,
  3. Install your plastic shed base on top of the membrane,
  4. (Optional) Fill your now installed base with up to 20mm gravel,
  5. Install your garden building on top of your new base.

Method 3:

  1. Clear your concrete surface and ensure it is as level as possible,
  2. Create a perimeter using edging products to help contain the sand and stop any movement of your base,
  3. (Optional) Lay a sheet of shed base membrane,
  4. On top of the membrane or concrete lay a small layer of sand before compacting and levelling as well as you can,
  5. Once the sand level, install your new plastic shed base,
  6. (Optional) fill your plastic base with gravel up to 20mm,
  7. Install your new garden building on your new base.

As you can see, installing our plastic shed base which will prolong your sheds life is not a difficult task and is more than worth the little extra work. You can browse our full range of shed foundations on our shop site.

We hope this blog has answered any questions you may have regarding the installation of our fully recycled plastic shed bases on top of existing concrete flooring. However if you do have any questions then please do not hesitate to contact us.

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