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Garden Shed Bases – A Base for Your Shed

Our Garden Shed base is a long term solution made from 100% recycled plastics.

Garden shed bases are the building blocks to any great shed. Our garden shed bases are made from 100% recycled plastic. This is great for the already overcrowded landfills. The recycled plastic makes the garden shed bases strong and dependable meaning the bases will outlast its competitors because plastic won’t decompose, rust or breakdown over time.

Unlike the shed base competitors – metal, wood and concrete – plastic will remain strong in the face of time and weather. The garden shed bases are built to last. Metal shed bases will rust, wood shed bases will decompose or could get eaten by bugs and concrete shed bases leave a giant slab on your lawn not to mention it can crack and crumble. The garden shed bases are UV and weather resilient which means they won’t fade, get eaten by bugs or crumble and breakdown over time. This will save money as it won’t been to be constantly replaced or repaired. Who doesn’t love to save money and time?

Interlocking Shed Base Panels

The interlocking bases panels can be bought as individual panels or as kits. The kits for the garden shed bases come in a variety of sizes which is great for most of the traditional sized shed bases. You can also buy the individual panels separately in case you have an irregular sized garden shed. The great thing about the garden shed bases are that no matter what size you need, if the panel doesn’t fit you can just trim the panel down with the use of a fine tooth saw. Now that is a great idea.

Plastic Shed Base Kits for your Garden

The kits for the garden shed bases come with everything you need to get started. Included in the 6ft x 4ft kit are plastic shed base panels, ground cover membrane and fixing pegs. As mentioned before the kits come in a variety of sizes for your shed or garden building.

The garden shed bases can withstand up to 320 tonnes in compression so you can store even your heaviest gardening item on the garden shed base and not worry about reaching the weight limit. The dimensions of the garden shed bases individual panels are 330 x 330 x 40 mm.

Quick & Easy to Install

The garden shed bases are easy to install which is great for people who want to enjoy their shed, rather than spend an entire summer building it. The shed bases have an easy snap together interlocking system. Just place the edge of one of the plastic shed bases panels over the edge of another panel and snap, click all done. The panels for the garden shed bases have started to take form. Easy and quick which means you are well on your way to having your garden shed base all built.

A detailed article on why you should use a plastic shed base or download the Shed Base Installation Guide.  Our Guide on how to Build a Plastic Shed base explains how easy they are to assemble in more detail.

A list of reminders of all the great things the garden shed bases offer would include the fact the panels are made from 100% recycled plastic which is great for the environment. The panels in the garden shed bases are strong, UV and weather resilient, lightweight and easy to install. The panels in the garden shed bases are great for projects other than just garden shed bases.

No matter what you choose to use your garden shed bases for they are a great way to get your summer shed project started. Happy gardening!

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