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8ft x 6ft Plastic Base Under a New Tiger Shed’s Wooden Shed

We’ve all been there, searching the internet for a quick solution to your problem. Finding only the more common solutions which are usually either costly or require a whole lot of effort. Now imagine you’ve just got your new shed and need a base, you have concrete or wood bases. Why not search beyond the ‘common’ and find a base like ours! Lighter, easier to assemble and far quicker to lay, meaning your shed can be put to use the same day! Luis had just bought a new shed and needed a base, see if he went for the common option or not!

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The Shed

Our customer Luis purchased a Shed from Tiger Sheds based in Leeds. Thus began Luis’ dilemma, what base should I use for my brand new shed? With more traditional methods such as concrete or wood, there are certain drawbacks.

With wood, there is the constant threat of rotting due to the fantastic British weather! Unless the floor under or around the wood is permeable to allow any excess water to completely drain away, the wood will soak it up and eventually rot. Leaving you with a mouldy base and a high chance of the mould and damp spreading to your shed.

As for concrete, the actual laying of the base is a very labour intensive job. Due to the weight of the slabs a team of people are needed to just lift and place, with our recycled plastic bases they can be lifted and fitted by almost anyone! Luis decided not to risk the possibility of rotting or getting a bad back, and bought our recycled plastic base instead.

Plastic Shed Base In Boxes Plastic Shed Base Being Installed

The Base and Other Costs

Luis’ bought an 8ft x 6ft Plastic Shed Base and a sheet of Membrane from us. From one of his local supplies shop, he then bought Gravel to cover the base once it had been laid and Hardcore type1 which is the solid bottom layer on which everything is built. Hardcore is laid in the designated area and compacted down to create a solid base on which to lay your membrane, then the base and finally everything is covered in gravel.

Including the shed, Luis paid around £800 for everything required to make this project a success.

Plastic Shed Base Laid Plastic Shed Base In Place

The Process

Preparing your garden for and laying a shed base can seem a daunting task before you start. However, there is nothing to be worried about, using our Shed Base makes everything so much simpler.

Luis had a small amount of work to do before even laying the base. Firstly, he had to measure out where his base would be sitting and then cut out the grass, soil and layer of clay. Creating a square in which everything would be laid. Next Luis created an edging for the base using blocks of wood, by securing them in the mud there would be no chance of the base or the shed moving once everything was finished. A layer of hardcore is then laid and compacted creating a solid sub-base on which to lay the membrane. Next went on our base which was easily and quickly slotted together and laid. Finally, Luis built his shed onto the base!

8ft x 6ft Plastic Base Filled With Gravel Plastic Shed Base Filled


As you can see from the photos the project turned out fantastic! Luis told us how happy he was with how his shed is looking! Also with little effort and money spent on the base, he is now sprucing up the inside of the shed! With his great new shed up in time for Spring, we hope Luis has a fantastic time with his gardens new acquisition! Thank you for the photos and for taking the time to answer our questions!

“Absolutely fantastic, looking at other alternatives or other brands I will not hesitate in going for your product again”

Shed Base Built On Plastic Shed Base 8ft x 6ft Plastic Base Under a New Tiger Shed's Wooden Shed

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    1. Hi John,

      We estimate that around 8kg of gravel is required to fill one individual shed base panel. So with an 8ft x 6ft base containing 48 panels, we estimate that you would require around 384kg of gravel.

      Hope this helps.

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