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Rubber Grass Mats Used At Bonfire Night Event Illuminate The Garden

The Botanical Gardens located just off of Ecclesall Road in Sheffield is one of the most beautiful and natural parts of the city. With a large pavillion / greenhouse is home to many wild and exotic flowers and plants with a huge presence throughout the gardens too. This area of natural beauty was chosen to host a large Bonfire Night event by Events Collective. To protect the grass, flowers and plants during the weekend’s event certain areas were protected through the use of our fully recycled rubber grass mats whilst other parts were closed off completely.

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Illuminate The Garden

Illuminate The Garden was a bonfire night event set up by Events Collective to run both Saturday 4th and Sunday 5th November. With over 10,000 tickets were sold, The MD of Events Collective, Bob Worm, was one of the driving forces behind the event and performed fantastically in setting up the gardens whilst ensuring the smooth running of the weekend.

A number of local food and drink companies also joined the festivities; Smoke BBQ Sheffield, The Gravy Train Poutine, The Sunshine Pizza Oven, The Otto-Men, Corn Of The Dead, Wah Wah’s, Stancill Brewery, Bradfield Brewery, Kelham Island Brewery, Mr D’Arcys Drink Emporium, Coffika and finally the onsite cafe The Curators House. The food and drink was a real success which can be seen through almost all social media posts and on the faces of everyone walking around the event!

Rubber Grass Mats - Illuminate The Gardens Fireworks

Grass Mats

Our Grass Protection Mats are made of fully recycled rubber and are available in two sizes, 23mm thick mats and 16mm thick mats. We are one of the UK’s largest importer, wholesale and distributor of rubber grass mats to domestic customers. The 23mm grass mats have actually been tested by Rapra to BS EN 1177:1998 and have a proven critical fall height of 3.3m. The 16mm mats have also been tested with a proven fall height of 1m. Plastic fixing pegs and cable ties (which are sold separately) are used to secure grass mats into the ground below to ensure there is no movement when stood or walked on.

Rubber grass mats are lightweight, quick and easy to install which once installed are low maintenance. We visited the park on Friday 3rd November to meet with Bob and his team for them to show us around and see how they were preparing the Botanical Gardens for the even. Whilst there we were told how simple the team found our grass mats to use.

The Event

Illuminate The Garden was scheduled to run on Saturday 5pm to 10pm and Sunday 4pm to 9pm. In order to protect the grass and plants at the Botanical Gardens from the thousands of visitors, Bob at Events Collective began researching grass protection mats to find a temporary paving solution to their potential problem. This is when they came across our website and began browsing our rubber grass mats and reading up on the fantastic benefits. Bob ordered rubber grass mats the same day he found our site and had them delivered specifically on Friday to the Botanical Gardens to ensure they could be installed ready for the weekend.

Whilst at the park on Friday afternoon we also saw the work that the fireworks, food and drink staff were putting into setting up their stands ready for the event.

The entire night was a fantastic success and well done to Optimum Fireworks for the fantastic display they put together!


The event was a monumental success. With over 10,000 people visiting the Botanical Gardens over the weekend to see the fireworks, Bob and his team did an amazing job managing the two nights and quickly responding to any feedback given to them by guests. Our rubber grass mats stood up to the challenge of the thousands of visitors and were easy to remove and transport away on Monday once the event had finished.

A massive thank you to Bob and Event Collective for using our grass mats and for sharing the information of their installation to allow us to create this blog! If you would like more information on the businesses that were at the event you can find links to their websites above and if you have any questions regarding our products then please do contact us.

More photos of our mats and the weekend are below:

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