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Garden Rescue Featuring X-Grid Gravel Grid

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Garden rescue is a BBC show where a team of expert gardeners renovate an applicants gardens, with the aim of making their outdoor space more appealing and functional. In this episode of Garden Rescue, Paul, a train enthusiast, wanted a model train track as part of his garden update. In order for the train track to be added, it had to fit the aesthetic of the garden. Due to this they decided to lay the train track onto a gravel base. However, with loose gravel there is always the danger of migration which is why they decided to use a product which would add stability and prevent migration.

The Aim

The aim of this episode was to renovate Paul’s garden and add ensure the addition of a train track around the garden was included. The theme was a Greek island garden which was achieved very well by the team. However, before laying the train track the team decided that the track would be installed onto a gravel base with the use of white X-Grid as a stabiliser and migration preventative.

White X-Grid Being Installed - Garden Rescue

Once filled, X-Grid blended almost fully into the garden as the aim was to create a Greek themed garden which was mainly comprised of blue and white colours. This made the white X-Grid perfect for the job.

Benefits of X-Grid

For this job the main benefits of X-Grid are that it provides stability to the gravel which has been laid, as once the gravel has been laid into the X-Grid it is hard for the gravel to move around. This prevents unnecessary mess around the garden and maintenance. As well as the increased security of gravel, the X-grid remains hidden so it doesn’t intrude on the appearance of the garden.

As well as the benefits mentioned, X-Grid also has a long list of more. X-Grid is manufactured from 100% recycled plastic here in the UK and thanks to its strength is most commonly used to create DIY gravel driveways, car parks, access routes and more. The versatility of X-Grid what makes it such a sought after ground reinforcement grid. Thanks to its unique formulation of plastic and intelligent design, each panel we supply is UV & weatherproof so will not break down or rot away. Each recycled plastic gravel grid is also fully permeable and SuDs compliant meaning any rain can naturally drain away reducing the amount of surface water and the chances of flooding. The specially designed curved cell structure is also one of the main reasons for our gravel grids fantastic load-bearing capacity of 420 tonnes.

Installation of X-Grid

Whilst carrying a fantastic range of benefits and being effective, our gravel grids are also very easy to install thanks to its lightweight frame and slot and peg connection system, one person is actually able to install 100m² every hour which is an extraordinary rate. During this episode of Garden Rescue they laid the grid straight onto soil which is not our recommended install method.

The method they adopted was to lay one piece at a time in the areas where the gravel, and the train track was going to be. After all the grid had been laid they then filled it with decorative gravel to match the surrounding aesthetics.

Installing onto soil was possible because in this particular use of the grid there was minimal foot traffic and so the grid would not need to be able to withstand heavy weight which could cause sinking due to the unprepared sub-base. However, if the grid is being used for an application that would see more foot traffic or vehicles then a solid base is required underneath the grid. This would be necessary because if not the X-Grid may begin to sink down into the soil which could lead to breakages or dips in the surface affecting its performance.. 

For more information on installing X-Grid please use our installation guide which can be found in the downloads tab on the X-Grid product page. 

The Final Product

The final result of the garden was excellent. The garden looked stunning and we are delighted that X-Grid has been included in such a great project. X-Grid was essential in providing the finishing touches to the garden under the model train track. Without X-Grid the garden may have had lose shards of gravel scattered throughout, especially in windy conditions which would lead to far more maintenance of the small area.

How Can I Buy X-Grid

Our X-Grid is available to buy online from The Garden Range simply add the X-Grid you require, and any other products you may like to your basket, follow the instructions at check out, and simply wait for your X-Grid to be delivered.

If you have any more questions about X-Grid or any of our other products then you can speak to us via the live chat facility on our website, or you can leave us a message via the contact us page.

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