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Versatile Grass Mats: Not Just For Play Area Flooring

We have shown in a multitude of our previous blogs that it seems our rubber grass mats have an unlimited number of uses. From being used in a garden under a childrens swing set to being used in a workshop under a work bench. Here we will be looking at four different uses for our grass mats to see how they were installed and how it solved an issues they were facing as well as what the customers think of them.

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Rubber Grass Mats

One of our most popular products, the fully recycled rubber grass mats are in constant demand all year round thanks to their fantastic range of benefits such as:

• Made from 100% recycled rubber

• Lightweight and easy to install,

• Non-Slip

• Resistant to weather

• Wheelchair friendly

• Can be used as walkways, playground flooring or access routes and more,

• Encourages natural drainage

• Allows the grass below to grow through and become almost invisible once grown,

• Can be installed on flat or contoured surfaces

• Critical fall heights of 1m (16mm Mats) and 3.3m (23mm Mats).

Non-Slip Rubber Grass Mats

Grass Mats One – Access Route

This case study is from Dalco Services, a construction company who are based in and work around London. The job we are featuring was an extension on a school which involved taking over a busy pathway. Due to this, staff and students had to be redirected around the site and over a patch of grass to lead them back to the main school building. The grass path was put in place to ensure that no one was close to the construction work and remove the possibility of injuries.

However, crossing the grassed area would most likely result in damaged grass and dirty shoes or clothes, which is when Dalco decided to install a temporary path using our rubber grass mats. The grass mats would provided a solid and non-slip surface on which pupils and staff were able to walk to get between buildings.

The rubber grass mats were easy to install by simply laying each mat end to end to form the path. Once laid, the mats were fastened together using cable ties and secured into the grass below using plastic fixing pegs. This install method is recommended by use to ensure there is no movement when walked on and so the path will not separate and expose any grass or mud below.

Dalco told us: “Delivery was as requested and the operatives were able to lay the matting with ease. We chose your rubber grass mats because of the size being correct and the price being reasonable”

Rubber Grass Mats Access Route
Rubber Grass Mats Access Route1

Grass Mats Two – Under Washing Line

Our second application is courtesy of Peter who was looking for a simple solution to his issue of a slippery turf which he sometimes struggled with under the washing line. Peter needed a flooring which would be non-slip, strong and not damage the grass below. Peter had used us in the past so came back to us for a solution to this issue, he ordered the grass mats and received them the next working day via DPD.

Peter began working straight away and laid the rubber grass mats from the path to the end of the washing line before fastening the mats together using cable ties. From here, Peter secured the grass mats into the ground using plastic fixing pegs to ensure that the rubber grass mats would not move when he walked on them. Another positive of rubber grass mats is that during warmer weather, if Peter wanted, he could take up the rubber grass mats and store them until the winter as they are easy to move. A simple installation but a great solution to Peter’s issue!

Peter told us “I have used you before and knew what I wanted, so I researched to find the most relevant product. The rubber grass mats were easy to lay and yes I would recommend them to others.”

Rubber Grass Mats Under Washing Line
Rubber Grass Mats Under Washing Line1

Grass Mats Three – Changing Rooms

Our third project is from Alan, the Centre Manager of Pinkston Watersports in Glasgow. Alan noticed that at the end of most days there would be water collected on the changing room floors which hadn’t wouldn’t drain away unless swept meaning a potential slipping hazard was present throughout the day.

Alan began researching to find a suitable non-slip flooring which would still allow surface water to drain away which is when he found our rubber grass mats. Alan read up on the benefits and specification of our rubber mats and decided to order enough to cover the floor under and around all of the changing room benches. He received his rubber mats just a few days later and was able to install them straight away.

Alan began the install by moving the benches out of the changing room and laying the new rubber grass mats on the now exposed floor. He then tied all neighbouring mats together using cable ties to prevent movement when walked on or knocked. Alan then placed the benches on top of the mats to weigh them down. With the benches and mats in place, the changing rooms could then be used with very little chance of slipping! A quick installation with effective results!

Rubber Grass Mats In Changing Room
Rubber Grass Mats In Changing Room1

Grass Mats Four – Sheep Feeders & Bee Hives

Our fourth and final case study is from Sheila who has been using rubber grass mats for a number of years around her farm. She uses the grass mats mainly to allow her 10 sheep to gain a strong footing around their feeders and when entering or leaving their shelter as the land is sloping and very slippery at times. Once spring arrives, she is able to take them up, clean down and store until next winter. Sheila also makes use of the grass mats around her apiary where she keeps bees. Rubber grass mats sit on top of a weed controlling membrane to keep them in place and provide a non-slip surface which is easily lifted and cleaned when required.

Sheila told us: ” The rubber grass mats give my sheep confidence when the below ground can become slippery when wet. When Spring comes I simply take them up, clean them and store until the next winter. As for the bees, I can easily lift those grass mats when I need to sweep up leaves and debris after the Autumn fall.

I have used rubber grass mats over many years but do need to replace some of them from time to time, and found yours which are great value.”

Rubber Grass Mats Around Bee Hive
Rubber Grass Mats Under A Sheep Feeder


As you have now seen from these fantastic examples, our fully recycled rubber grass mats are an outstanding product which can be used in ways you may have ever thought of. All of the customers featured in this blog are delighted with their project and how the grass mats have performed. You can see how other customers have used the grass mats by reading all of our rubber grass mats blogs.

A thank you to everyone who contributed and allowed us to create this blog showcasing the rubber grass mats. For more information on our grass mats or other products please do not hesitate to contact us.

Versatile Rubber Grass Mats - Conclusion

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