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Grass Protection

Rubber Grass Mats Creating Standing Areas At London Zoo

This case study comes from ZSL London Zoo who were looking for a grass protection product to solve an issue they were facing around daily shows. They needed something to install on some grassed areas where vast amounts of visitors to the zoo would stand to watch shows – you can see this from the photos in the blog. The photos in this case study were taken by a member of our customer service department who visited the zoo last year.

The Project

After much research and deliberation over what type of product to use, the zoo began searching for grass mats that would provide support under foot whilst protecting the root of the grass and allow the matted area to maintain its natural look.

After searching online, the team in charge of the installation found our website and our range of rubber grass mats. Once they had read up on our mats and their many benefits which would aid the team with their project, the zoo ordered fifty 16mm grass mats along with four 100 packs of cable ties and four 100 packs of plastic fixing pegs. As well as protecting the root of the grass and being great for walking on in all types of weather, our mats are also wheelchair and pushchair friendly so everyone can access the shows.

Rubber Grass Mats - London Zoo Show Standing Area

Installing Rubber Grass Mats

Their grass mats were delivered just a few working days later via pallet directly to the zoo. The team could begin installing their new grass mats in the correct area as soon as they were ready.

Our grass mats are very simple to install. To do so:

• Lay each mat out before connecting each neighbouring mat together using cable ties to ensure no gaps will appear between the mats and create a possible tripping hazard. This is repeated until all mats are connected.

• To secure the mats into the ground, 5 pegs are used per mat which ensure the mats do not move when walked on which is very helpful since they shall be used by the thousands of visitors every week. This is then repeated until each mat is secured – once complete visitors could begin immediately walking on them.


The zoo are very pleased with their new grass mats. They are impressed with how they have helped protect the grass underneath whilst allowing it to grow naturally. The grass would have no doubt been killed by the heavy foot traffic it experiences every day.  After just few weeks, the grass below began to grow through the mats and started to disguise the mats giving the show area its natural grass look back.

A huge thank you to London Zoo for choosing our grass mats. If you have any images of your installation to share with us or if you have any questions regarding our products then please do not hesitate to contact us.

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