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How To Anchor A Plastic Shed Or Metal Shed To A Plastic Shed Base

Many of our customers ask us “How do I secure or anchor my plastic shed or metal shed on to my plastic shed base to make sure it doesn’t move?” before or after purchasing one of our bases. Their question is usually due to a worry that their shed may move or fall over if blown by strong gusts of wind or pushed or leant on. Although past customers have just stood their metal sheds on the base and have had no issues, securing the shed adds peace of mind to most peoples installations. Read on to see how we suggest you secure your shed to our plastic base.

Cable Ties

As you can see from the heading, our first method of securing your metal shed to our base is through the use of large heavy-duty cable ties.

Most metal sheds and some plastic sheds come with an inner lip which have holes in to allow you to use different methods to secure your shed to the ground or product below. These holes are perfect for feeding through cable ties.

Anchor Metal Shed To Plastic Base With Cable Ties

To install the cable ties, you would need to feed the tie under a part of the base and have both ends sticking up out of the base. From here you can feed one end through the sheds hole before connecting the two ends together and pulling as tight as possible. This will mean that the base and shed are now tied together so your shed will not move. Simply repeat this for the entirety of the sheds inner lip holes until your shed is fully secure.

Anchor Metal Shed To Plastic Base With J-Pins

J-Pins Or Metal Fixings

The second method in our blog is to use U-Pins or J-Pins. For this method you do not need to use the pins until after the entire installation is complete.

To secure your shed, simply find the holes on the sheds inner lip and ensure the gap is lined up with a gap in the base you have installed. Once it has been lined up, simply put the pin through the hole and push down until the top of the pin is flush with the shed. Again repeat until all of the holes on the inside of the shed have been filled and your shed will be secure against wind and other forces.


Although those are the two options we have featured, there are other ways to secure your shed. You could use more traditional methods such as using large nails and stakes but these may not work as effectively with our base due to our panels most likely either being filled with gravel or left empty.

We hope this blog has helped you figure out the best way to secure your new shed to our fully recycled, strong and easy to install Plastic Shed Base. If you have any questions regarding the securing of your shed to our base or questions regarding our base then please do not hesitate to contact us.

Anchor Metal Shed To Plastic Base

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