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Summerhouse Base Installation – 12ft x 6ft Smiths

This case study comes from Mark who was searching for a suitable foundation for his new 12ft x 6ft Summerhouse by Smiths Sectional. After having a summerhouse made to order he required a base that would be strong, easy to install and prevent his newly crafted summerhouse from rotting or getting damp. He knew these qualities wouldn’t come with a concrete base so he began researching for an alternative.

Selecting A Summerhouse Base

After conducting some research, Mark found our range of recycled plastic bases and began reading about the products many benefits such being lightweight; easy to install; weather-resistant and durable.

Mark then ordered a 12ft x 6ft summerhouse base and a 1m x 12m membrane along with a pack of U-Pins. The order was dispatched and delivered to his home within 3 working days.

Installation of Base & Summerhouse

Mark began the installation as soon as possible. He followed our easy to understand installation guide and has his base down in little time.

Firstly, he measured and marked out his 12 ft x 6ft area at the rear of his garden. This outlined the rough area where the summerhouse would be stood. Mark then removed excess soil or material withing the area before he leveled and compacted it as much as he could using a small amount of stone and gravel. Now that a flat sub-base has been constructed, Mark can move onto the next step of the install.

On top of the sub-base, Mark cut his sheet of membrane to the required size. He ensured that it was laid out correctly and covered the required area completely to prevent weeds and plants growing up through the shed base whilst allowing water and nutrients to drain away into the soil. He then secured the membrane in place with the metal U-Pins.

With the membrane secure, Mark could now install his plastic base. He started in one corner and worked his way along, installing one panel at a time and connecting them together using the panels specially designed slot and peg connection system. He repeated this until the entire area was covered and secure. He then filled the area with angular gravel which is estimated that 8kg of gravel is required to fill each plastic base panel so that allows you to get an estimate to how much you require.

His final job was to build the summerhouse that was made to order and delivered to his home. He started construction with the floor and then built up the walls, then the roof before putting the windows and doors on.


Mark is happy with his summerhouse and summerhouse plastic base. It is a great addition to his garden and looks fantastic. Mark told us: “I am very happy with y our base, its cost and my summerhouse!
Thank you Mark for sharing the photos and images of his project in order for us to make this case study. If you have any questions about our bases or have images of your installation to share then please do not hesitate to contact us.

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