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Rubber Flooring

Rubber Play Tiles Used To Create A Safe Play & Learning Area

This case study comes from Simon (Hands On Handyman) who was contacted by a nursery in his local area. The nursery were looking to create a safe and soft flooring for their outdoor playing and learning area where their children could play and discover without the risk of injuries from trips or falls.Simon began searching for a suitable flooring product that would be a softer landing whilst having a critical fall height that was suitable for the equipment that would be used on the area. Read on to see which product Simon decided to use:

Choosing Rubber Play Tiles

Simon began looking online through a number of different products and comparing them before giving the Nursery a choice between a few of the best flooring options. One of the options was our Black Rubber Play Tiles which Simon discovered after searching on Google.After speaking with the nursery and deciding between themselves, Simon ordered 188 Black Interlocking Rubber Play Tiles which were delivered straight to the nursery just 3 working days later and Simon could begin installing them as soon as he was ready.
Using Rubber Play Tiles To Create A Safe Play & Learning Area - Choosing

Installing Rubber Tiles

With all of the black play tiles on a pallet at the nursery, Simon could arrive and begin work immediately. As you can see from the photos, the area was a path down the side of the building with a brick wall on one side and a wooden fence on the other. Prior to installing the mats, the floor was concrete so was not suitable for children to play on.

Simon began fitting the play tiles straight on to the existing concrete floor. Using a very strong adhesive such as Gorilla Glue, Simon secured the tiles to the concrete floor before ensuring each tile was connected to its neighbouring tiles using the interlocking pegs and more strong glue.

Simon repeated this procedure until almost the entire area was covered. The only bit of flooring left exposed was a small strip next to the nursery wall which required Simon to cut up the play tiles in to the correct width before gluing to the floor.

From here all that was left to do was to ensure each tile was properly secured and adding more adhesive if not before tidying up and moving all of the play and learning equipment outside for the children to begin enjoying.


Simon and the nursery were very impressed with the rubber tiles and are still very pleased with their new outdoor play and learn area for the children. The children at the nursery can explore to their hearts content whilst the staff there know the flooring will cushion any falls and keep injuries to a minimum.

A massive thank you to Simon and the nursery for sharing the information and photos from their installation. Should you have photos of your project using our products to share or have any questions regarding our products then please do not hesitate to contact us.

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