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TurfMesh Installation At The Grange Sports Club

This latest case study comes from The Grange Sports Club in Edinburgh, which is a regular host of Scotland cricket teams international matches and as well as being a leading sports club for hockey , squash and tennis. Neil, the Grounds Convenor at Grange was looking for a solution to a few issues they were facing down at the sports club. Read on to find out what the issues were and how Neil solved them:

Choosing TurfMesh

Neil told us that the club were facing two issues:

“Firstly, access to the compound at the bottom of the grounds, and secondly to provide sound footing for occasional vehicles parked and servicing the grounds during big cricket matches.”

He and the senior groundsman began searching online to find the best solution and soon came across our website and our Ground Reinforcement Meshes, in particular our TurfMesh 1800.

After discovering that the TM1800 protects the root of the grass from pedestrians, cars and lorries, Neil ordered over 1000m² of the TM1800 along with enough heavy duty U-Pins to secure the mesh into the ground. His order was dispatched the next working day via pallet delivery and arrived at the Grange just a few days later ready to be installed.

Grange Sports Club - TurfMesh Installed and Covered
Grange Sports Club - TurfMesh Covered In Sand

Installing TurfMesh

The senior groundsman and his team began the installation straight away, they planned out where the mesh would be installed and set to work. TurfMesh is simple to install, lay down the rolls and roll them out over the area you wish to cover whilst securing with two u-pins per metre. The team continued this process until the entire area was covered, although it did take a while to lay the mesh due to the size of the project, it was an easy product to use and install.

With the mesh installed, the groundsman decided to top the dress the laid TurfMesh with sand to make the area a little more compact. All that was left to do was to wait for the grass below to grow through and reap the rewards of their hard work!


Neil and the groundsmen are very pleased with the TurfMesh and how it has performed so far. Neil told us:

“As you can see the grass has grown in very well at this end. There is still a bit of sand, which we dressed in, on the surface at the south end but we’re very happy with the way it is working.”

“We have a couple of One Day Internationals coming up in the next few weeks, Scotland v England and Scotland v Pakistan, so we are hoping the grass will look pristine by then.”

A huge thank you to Neil and Grange Sports Club for using our TurfMesh and sending in the photos & information to allow us to create this fantastic case study. Should you have any questions regarding any of our products then please do not hesitate to contact us.

Grange Sports Club - TurfMesh Sand and Grown Grass
Grange Sports Club - TurfMesh Before and After

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